Simon Monjack Rails Against Latest Brittany Murphy Findings, Needs to Go Away

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Brittany Murphy’s husband Simon Monjack is furious over a report that the star obtained medication - a majority of which is MIA - just before she died.

The late actress, who died in December, allegedly secured a prescription for 120 hydrocodone pills 11 days before her death. Only 11 were found after.

At the recommended maximum of four per day, she would have taken only 44 of them, and you can do the math there. So where are the missing pills?

Monjack says the pills were prescribed to Brittany’s mom Sharon, a cancer survivor, and the report is so outrageous that he's considering legal action.

What a surprise there.

Mr. & Mrs. Monjack

THE MONJACKS: Simon Monjack has been outspoken since Brittany's passing. Is he trying to clear her name, or his own? What is his agenda at the end of the day?

The release of Brittany Murphy’s autopsy report on February 26 ended all rumors and hurtful speculation that the actress had abused drugs, Simon says.

But a day after that report was released, a website claimed that 109 pills were missing from a bottle of 120, leading to renewed speculation over Murphy.

The article asked why so many pills prescribed in the first place, and by whom, while saying Simon Monjack has provided no help in locating the doctor.

As always, the bad seed has his own version of events.

Well, Simon claims the 120 hydrocodone pills in question were really prescribed to Sharon, not Brittany (the truth of this statement has not been verified).

Dealing with the report that falsely claimed “missing” pills belong to Brittany is harming her mother’s health even more, according to Monjack. Sure dude.

He accused the source (TMZ) of devastating Sharon by “trying to dig up any last fantastical story based entirely on fiction to defame her dead daughter.”

“This false story is damaging,” he said. “She is a very sick woman. It’s hard enough to lose a daughter but then to have this story. makes it even harder."

Also damaging? Marrying a famous actress for money, then setting up a sham charity in her name just months after she died. Go away, Simon. Go away.


Seriously... who reading this doesnt think Sharon Murphey is just a little suspect in this whole thing? She found Simon dead and Brintney dead...same room...same bed...same pills on the nightstand...and was the one to call 911. Simon was thought to have been suspect in Brittney's death with the set up of a sham fundraiser in her name just months after she died. Simon held off on his heart bypass surgery until after the fundraiser...hmmm. Its all shady! Just sayin


Maybe now its time for Hollywood Gossip to shut up!


I guess he took your advice and went "away"...


What a nasty little site you are. Hounding grieving family, constantly writing nasty stories without any evidence whatsoever. Hollywood Gossip indeed, and nothing more. Pure filth. Having lost a partner and had to suffer the unfounded and ridiculous rumours that followed I have to feel for this guy. Will you leave him alone now he's dead? Or will you be writing up articles to say how pleased you are?


Let Brittany rest in peace! Her mother and husband should be left alone because this is very difficult situation. They should grieve in peace.


Funny, you tell him to "go away", yet you keep posting articles about him & his deceased wife....sounds like you need to take your own advice, esp in regards to this grieving dumbass

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