Robsten: Missing Each Other, "Counting Down the Days" Until Breaking Dawn

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Fans can see them together in the new Eclipse video, but separate work demands have Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson longing for one another in real life.

Rob is in Europe shooting Bel Ami, while Kristen remains in L.A., ironing out details for her upcoming film, K-11. The long distance relationship is hard on them.

“They’re counting the days till they start Breaking Dawn,” a source reports.

That would be the fourth film in the Twilight saga, scheduled to begin production in the fall. For now, the days of possible neck nuzzling are few and far between.

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ROBSTEN REUNION: Both hotties reportedly yearn for one. Hard.

Thus, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart work hard to keep romance alive: “They’ll have to make do with calls, texts and romantic e-mails,” the source adds.

Kristen attended Rob’s Remember Me premiere in NYC, but he was too busy filming Bel Ami overseas to return the favor at Kristen’s The Runaways premiere.

Just the same, Robsten is not about to give up their love that easily. The couple is said to be "counting down the days" until Breaking Dawn begins filming.

They're not the only ones.


"either we are, we arent, or im a lesbian" that is funny


they r so cute 2getha!


now that is reelie wts up wid kirsten....wid d hairdo n stuff....anyhoo....cnt wait 4 eclipse....n remember me ws actually kinda good


i think they r dating they just don't want to sayi watched new moon i loved it i can't wait for eclipse to come out im team jacob i hope she goes for the wolf.


i have a feeling these two will see each other before breaking dawn starts........


I hope rob and kristen get married and live happily ever after.


and they have not started on breaking dawn as far as what both rob and kristen have said it starts filming in november. kristen was photographed house hunting in L.A today and any pictures you might have of filming are probably from new moon or eclipse.


yes she was joking the quote was "either we are, we arent, or im a lesbian" she was talking about not answering questions about her relationship with rob (which she obviously is in). the kelly blackewell rumors were debunked by gossip cop a while ago and the only proof was from a fake rob site, a dead twitter account, and some photoshopped pictures. bottom line: rob and kristen are just fine and you should probably stop believing everything you read.


They have already begun shooting in Vancouver. I have pictures. The trucks and crew are already setting up and I spotten Kristen there with them in downtown Vancouver yesterday.


I am confused. Kristen said she was a lesbian? Was she joking? Tabloids are now saying Rob is dating Kate Blackwell in London? Either way-love them both & patiently awaiting Eclipse.

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