Witness Confirms Possible Robsten Neck Nuzzling at Remember Me Premiere

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For the second time in a couple weeks, Robert Pattinson has seemingly confirmed his relationship with Kristen Stewart. First, he told a reporter at the BAFTA awards that he and his Twilight Saga star were "together."

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    uhm.. i think people should leave them alone.. because you know.. even if they were a celebrity well they do need some privacy too.. well in that case they should make those neck kissing on a private place.. but even if they did it on public .. people who have seen should give them some respect.. we know that a celebrity couple were different from an ordinary couple.. and i love robsten.. but havent anyone notice that a celebrity couples were easily broke up because of they dont have privacy? think about that.. many of us loves robsten.. many of us.. doesn't want them to broke up.. so leave them alone.. if you really love them.. (im talkin to the paparazzi and some people who keep stalking robsten)


    hmmm.....that was sointimidatingly affectionate I mean neck nuzzling how sweet!!!


    I extremely love that they're going out. they made the cuteest couple in the movie!!! But seriously just because they're famous people hound them like crazy!!I am attempting to get on the road to fame but when i see this it makes me wanna stop!!!y can't people just leave celebrities alone, all they are is regular people who are good at acting.BIG DEAL. This is y clebs never go public because fans or poparazzi keep trying to tear them apart with critisism. It's crap!! Leave them alone already!!!!!!!!!!!!


    They're so cute. So happy for them. I hope they stay together. They're my favorite couple. They're so down to earth and simple thats why I love them. :)


    Plus....maybe Michael was not cutting it as a boyfriend and this kid Rob came and did. Really? I have never Michael in anything.


    I think that if you met someone and fell in love,and you have a boyfriend or girlfriend that it wouldnt be fair to them stay when you dont fell the same way. I hope that robert and kristen are together they seem to have a chemistry that is unique. SO if people dont like it they need to stop hating on young love..


    i dont believe they are together i mean come on last year when both had their relationships all the magazines were telling that they are together,also summit has already told that both have a contract taht saying that they cant say if they have a relationship so even if they are together they cant do all the things that they are saying in the topic.also we should we care if they are acouple or not?i extremely believe that all this is just a game for more fame and if you search in google y will found that these guys are not together and all this is atrick for promotion.whatever goings on i hope they are both happy and reporters just have to stop writting bul$#@@* for them.they just wanna live leave them alone


    C'mon. They wouldn't do PDA don't you think, not in public?..


    Dear Lord get over the Michael dude, she dumped him long ago. I'm sick of postings and reptitive references about him. Kristen wants to forget him why don't you get your act and thoughts together Luchia, michael is an after thought.


    About Kris and Michael, looking good together doesn't mean they're right for each other.

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