Miley Cyrus to Serve as Mentor to American Idol Aspirants, Perform on Results Show This Week

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She might hate the Internet, her own hit Disney show and the entire country music genre, but Miley Cyrus still has plenty of passion and expertise to go around.

The teen queen will be the celebrity mentor on American Idol this week, Fox confirms. Tuesday night will reportedly feature a Billboard No. 1 hits-themed show.

Of the 11 contestants left, three are teens: last week's sensation Siobhan Magnus, 19, Aaron Kelly, 16, and Katie Stevens, 17. Tim Urban is just 20 years old.

Of course, the three teens all took on The Rolling Stones - more than triple their age - and pleased the judges with their homages to the rock gods last week.

Will Miley be able to steer them in the right direction this week? Or will the girlfriend of Liam Hemsworth act like she's better than them? We'll soon find out ...

Miley Promoting a Movie

Miley Cyrus is promoting The Last Song this week. No doubt there will be a plug - or maybe even a track - or two from that tear-jerker when she comes to American Idol.

On Wednesday’s results show, Miley will be back to perform her hit song, “When I Look At You,” while new couple Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato will duet on “Make A Wave.”

In other words, clear the space on your DVR now, because this watershed moment in teen music history may be one you hold onto and savor for many years to come.

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you too are doing a great job fact, your comments really motivated me....thats one of the reason why i started commenting in the first place....anyway, i hope you are ok and i'm glad you are back....


THG---we ready to rumble over my girl again? You know damn well Miley will NOT act like she's better than them..You just threw in a sarcastic comment to throw one in..Do you want to be associated with assholes like @hater,here? I mean,Really?? Isn't he someone to be proud of on your team? Such articulate sentiments to make you just wanna shake his hand,huh?(Ha,ha,ha!)THG you guys might wanna examine your position on Miley before you and guys like @hater get on the same level,ya' feel-me?(Ha,ha,ha!)What a complete Loser he is...
@Mr X: YOU are doin' one HELL of a job out here on these sites,Brother! In-fact,you clarified everything so well---I really don't feel there's anything I need to add...Great Job,man! Great Job!! Keep-up the good work! Between the 2 of us,these haters ain't really gonna have a fightin' chance,hear? Thanks...Hollywood--OUT!


i friggin hate her mouth, she looks like an idiot mongrol ugly ass wannabe singer. fucking vampire,.


i think it was a good choice made by the American Idol officials to have Miley as a mentor for the teen contestants, not just because she herself is a teen sensation, but also because she knows what she does and has gained a lot of experience in her i'm sure she will be able to help them immensely with her advice and suggestions....