Miley Cyrus to the Internet: You Suck!

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Despite coming of age in an era where websites and wired fans fawn over her every move and contribute to her fame, Miley Cyrus has no love for the online world.

THG has no love for her, so it looks like we're even!

At the very least, you have to give Miley props for practicing what she preaches, having axed her Twitter to focus on being truer to herself and BF Liam Hemsworth.

But bashing the Internets in general? Watch it, girl. It's one thing to call out your critics, it's another to bite the cyber hand that feeds you, no matter your intent.

“I’m telling kids, don’t go on the internet,” Miley told Movieline. “It’s dangerous, it’s not fun, it wastes your life. You should be outside playing sports or something.”

Miley Eats It

EAT IT: That's basically Miley Cyrus' message to the World Wide Web.

“I just think it’s kind of lame. I feel like I hang out with my friends and they’re so busy taking pictures of what they’re doing and putting them on Facebook."

"They’re not really enjoying what they’re doing. You’re going to look back and have a million pictures, but you’re not actually going to be in any of them."

"Because you’re not having fun, you’re too busy clicking away. So I think just enjoy the moment you’re in, and stop telling people about it. So just enjoy it.”

Okay, we have to agree with Miley on that philosophy. It's very mature. We're impressed that a huge star can reflect and maintain that kind of perspective.

However, she's sort of insulting her fans at the same time, and there's certainly a place for everything in moderation. Click here to follow THG on Twitter!


She most sins Of her belive and herts god and Jecus Obays the devil makes the devil happy and I'm not juding just saying the truth that's why I don't like her yes I feel sorry for her parents split but she hert me so mush.


Hi Miley its Makayla this is for ashley no Miley dose not f**** ok so stop sayin that ok you rock bye


whoa that's so mature . the reason she hates internet is BECAUSE OF YOU . stop commenting bad things about her . it also insults her . not only because of her fans . i love that mileymandy show . it shows that she still has respect for her fans :) she just doesnt want to get INSULTED ANYMORE BY PEOPLE SAYING THAT SHE'S A SLUT .. quit it your jerk assholes . she wants her own privacy too .


@cyber bullies, you are so so sooooo right....and so is Her Life(i wonder if they are the same person)....anyway, the views expressed in them are totally haters should read them, think abt them and then so something abt your hatred for somebody you have never even met, and will probably never ever meet....i mean, wat has she ever done to you haters??....why do you hate her???....i'm npt asking you haters to love dont even have to like her....just dont hate her for no like i said, think...


Carla, it's not that she has no respect for her fans. It's that she's not gonna live her life for them, and she shouldn't. She's almost grown and it's her life. She shouldn't let what parents feel is "age-appropriate" for young kids dictate her personal life. she's tired of being hated on for expressing her sexuality and she wants to be allowed to be the adult that she's becoming. Is that so hard to understand?


she is just annoying, has no respect for her fans, I am happy she said what she did though, finally my daughter sees the light


Butit doesn't stop there. Millions of people label you as a slut, try to make you look like a horrible person with their hateful comments and rumors, and then start hating on your whole family. They constantly hate on your parents, your brother, and even attack your 9-year-old sister! I've even see people make comments about Miley like, "She should get kidnapped and raped. Then maybe she'll learn to keep her clothes on" or "I wouldn't care if she got raped and killed" or "she should die", and of course they say things like "she's a fucking horny whore/slut". How would you feel if people were that cruel to you on the internet? Ot to a younger sibiling or your child (if you have one)? yes, Miley says snd does dumb things sometimes, but we all do. Plus she's a teenager. People are so hateful. I know what she means.


Put yourself in Miley's situation for a moment. You're a seventeen year old girl and you're famous. There's nothing wrong with wanting to show the sexy young woman you're becoming as an adult, but everybody else wants to make it seem evil when it's not. So on the internet the label you as the worst celebrity influence of the year- putting you ahead of a male celebrity who battered his girlfriend, (Chris Brown) an athlete and a father who cheated on his wife multiple times, (Tiger Woods) a fellow disney star who took naked photos of herself AGAIN (Vanessa Hudgens), and Lindsay Lohan. Wouldn't you dislike the internet haters too?


hey i omar yaman and i love the enternet;you suck
i love that.!!!!!!!why miley cyrus just that .


i omar yaman and that's good miley cyrus, and i can tell for every body and another stars the enter net or the facebook not good time and i love your report miley cyrus
bye bye


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