Miley Cyrus in Parade: Not a Fan of Hannah Montana, Country Music, Celebrity Gossip, Teenage Girls, Etc.

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In the new issue of Parade, Miley Cyrus does not hold back.


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    Miley Cyrus "Can't Quit Crying" In Hospital

    Miley Cyrus is continuing to update fans via Twitter. The singer says she "can't quit crying" and doesn't know when she'll be released from the hospital.

    Miley Cyrus Dubbed "The Devil" by Former Neighbors

    Residents of Miley Cyrus' hometown recently gave their opinions of the famous singer. Turns out some folks in franklin, TN are less than thrilled with Miley's public image.

    Miley Cyrus to Remain Hospitalized for Indeterminate Period of Time

    Miley Cyrus won't be going anywhere for awhile. She's stuck in the hospital due to a severe allergic reaction.

    Miley Cyrus Lashes Out at "Lame" Haters, Is "Miserable" in Hospital

    Miley Cyrus is "miserable." She's lashing out at those who think she's faking an illness.

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    hannah montana is rubbish


    I know that Destiny and I aren't friends or anything like that but I think she's a good person who is just affected and influenced by the Hollywood world. All of these actions from her seems like she just wants to change. And what would YOU guys feel if somebody is stalking you?!


    if ur sick of paparazzi, then just fucking disappear from the celebrity world. stop doing attention catching things(pole dancing on an ice cream truck/taking topless photos/making shitty music) and just go away. please. we would all appreciate it.


    My name is christina and i am from Greece......
    I like miley she is beautiful and she has got an amazing voice.....!!!


    Miley did make a lot of mistakes but she does have a talent and if she believes anything is possible then it's alright. How would you feel if all of the people who knew you would hate you just because of 1 single mistake, like dating a wrong guy and giving a 2nd chance to your sweet ex-boyfriend. Everybody makes mistakes and no one is perfect. I dis-agree to a lot of things that Miley does or says but I don't hate her cos she has her own ways and everyone is different... I'm 12 years old and I can understand more than some older people.


    @kaykay just shut up you suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    to kaykay you totally suck lady gaga is ugly and she sucks at singing!I would totally say your crap too.miley cyrus rocks like on hannah montana and hannah montana the movie.her music rocks too.she's realy goog at everything she does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so take that kaypoop and I'm talking about the one that made a comment up there.If your reading, this you suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SO TAKE THAT KAYPOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and if I ever hear from you somebody better hold me back!!!!!!!!!!take care see ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    AND I'M NOT KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    @kaykay, if the objective of your comment was to provoke me, then you are mistaken....and since you dont understand plain english, i'm gonna make myself clear....i'm a big fan of miley cyrus and i will always be a big fan of miley cyrus.....i admire and totally respect her for what she is.....a talented musician, a great songwriter, a good actor, and so on....but above all things, what made me a fan of miley was that she achieved all this, along with international fame at a very young age due to her hard work, persistence and determination....and that is not an easy thing... she has had her share of controversies and negative publicity, but i believe that happened because people misinterpreted, misread and jumped to conclusions too, like all miley fans, i stand by her and will always stand by her...

    oh BTW, this is just my way of writing....if you dont like it, thats not my problem....


    @Mr X

    Ha ha, WTFE!! That was obviously a backhanded compliment. Either way, Miley is still a no talent teenager who thinks she is gods gift to the world. By the way, you ever hear of complete sentences? Sheesh.


    she looks really mature.
    and i agree with her. go miles

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