Kim Kardashian: Dating Wayne Bridge?

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Fresh off her breakup with Super Bowl champion Reggie Bush, is Kim Kardashian already moving on with Wayne Bridge? Who the hell is Wayne Bridge?

Kim would like to know that as well.

The celebrity's life may move fast, but romantically, not quite so fast, despite rumors of Reggie cheating on Kim, and new reports in the U.K.'s Sun.

In fact, she's never even heard of the soccer player the tabloid claims she's been trading text messages with, at least according to her own Twitter.

"Who the hell is Wayne Bridge? LOL Someone please fill me in because I have no clue," Kardashian writes ... and that's certainly a reasonable inquiry.

While it would make a juicier story if Kim were dating the footballer while Reggie was sneaking around with January Gessert, it looks like it's not so.

Guess that clears that up. Here are pics of them anyway ... admit it, they'd totally make a hot couple, right? Reggie is getting so jealous right now...


UNDER THE BRIDGE? Kim Kardashian hasn't been. At least not Wayne.


He may not look good in that photo, but he makes £88,000 a week which is $131,147.54 USD. He looks good now. And, actually, he's a good looking guy, who recently had his whole life ripped apart (google Wayne Bridge John Terry), so I'd pity sex him a little.


I bet you anything Wayne Bridge asked himself the same question, "who the hell is kim kartrashian???"lmfao


Yeah right! This is BS, she only dates black guys. lol


he is so not cute! but i gotta say that she is not good-looking either(have u looked at her with no make-up?!?)...i don't think she could move on so fast though


i hope they do hook up maybe he'll treat her right then reggie and put a ring on it


wat d fuk,,,,,,,,,,,


You obviously have only looked at one picture of Wayne Bridge...good reporting... he looks ok there but otherwise he's pretty disgusting looking (in comparison to people she could be with, and definitely compared to Reggie).


i hope kim an wayne get it together he deserves it kim is hot best of luck wayne by the way i am a huge arsenal fan haha


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soccer... please not soccer I couldn't stand the boredom.


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