Reggie Bush: Cheating on Kim with January Gessert?

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Kim Kardashian is already reeling from her breakup with Reggie Bush. Now, if new reports are true, the celebrity could be headed for even more heartbreak.

As if getting dumped via text wasn't shady enough, rumors are circulating that Reggie may have cheated on her March 16 with waitress January Gessert.

The alleged mistress works at Sagebrush Cantina in Calabassas, Calif., and supposedly spent the night with the NFL star at his Hollywood house last week.

The night in question began with Reggie Bush and a pal at Red Rock, a bar on the Sunset Strip. Gessert was supposedly seen leaving his house at 7 a.m.

Bush and Kim

Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian in happier times (last month).

A walk of shame, perhaps? Not necessarily. Reggie's rep says Gessert is actually dating his friend, which would actually explain the sleepover at his place.

They also could have been broken up at the time, meaning it wasn't technically cheating even Reggie went all Ray J on January Gessert, which isn't proven.

Just the same, it's interesting that this happened just as Kim and Reggie’s relationship imploded, due in large part to the reality star's rising levels of fame.

People close to Kim Kardashian say that the relationship is over, but it's not necessarily over over, and a reconciliation is very possible at some point later.

Still, you know cheating rumors - real or otherwise - can't help.


I don't see how it's cheating if they weren't even together. Reggie can do so much better. GO SAINTS!


i dont watch the show often but i do watch it but basically you all have something to say about how u h8 the show or u h8 kim but reality is u have the time to comment on it after reading the story so u must have some intrest right or just a really really lame life u think shes classless then get off the website and waste time on something u think is worth it dont bore us with your "im better than her" they probs both cheated on each other and had fun doing it i hope not though i think kims ok


Kim is very pretty, but w/o morals of any sort. I read where her mother said she expected much from her kids...I am still trying to figure out what she meant by this. Hmmmm, I guess each one to have a million dollars and at least one sex tape to show at family gatherings. ;P


yes!!! Finally It's about time he cheated...he was dating a whore...nothing classy about the Kardashian women even their mother...they are all idiots for picking losers...


Kim is nasty. She has absolutely no talent whatsoever..none. Her show sucks as much as she does...Hey NOWWWWW.


So what they are both trifling. Kim ant no more innocent then Reggie. The both of them knew that the so call friendship was not going any place. Kim is a whore and I really mean that. She will sleep with anybody with any static that give this chick a second look. They are both cheaters. Kim is not wife are mother material. Noooooooooo way you can make a whore out of a wife. I can care less about the both of them. Ladies I don't care how pretty are how fine you think you maybe. Men period at least a very good man does not want what everybody has had. Kim stop trying to call out married men. Honey keep your legs close to other ladies men.


Seriously! KK gets $1 cool mill for tweating & has the most followers for paid tweets. I can see her wanting to date someone equally powerful but I think she loved him. I'm sure she is heart broken & he has to hurt as well even if he is cheating. They are after all human. I do like & admire KK it would be hard for any man because she is strong. I think she has personality too. Now Paris is another story.


Reggie can do MUCH better than this trash bag.
Look on the bright side, she still has her camera!


Reggie is a young athlete who does Not have a reputation for dating a lot of women. Kim K. is the only woman that quickly comes to mind.If their romance is constantly on-again,off-again and he Never date anyone in between the break-ups,if he settles down with Kim and he is with her constantly how long is it going to last.Men do not stay married long to sex symbols,and that is Kim's claim to fame.Kim is photographed everywhere, and doing everything. Pictures that you see of Reggie is usually with Kim. He is more of a low-profile celebrity,and she is a publicity hound.No couple can have an enduring personal relationship that is so out there for everyone else to know of their every move.


Reggie cheated on my friend with Kim and then he dumped her for Kim. Sorry but Kim this is just Karma. You should of known if he'd cheat on his gf for you, that'd he'd cheat on you for another girl. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

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