Jesse James Accused of Cheating on Sandra Bullock with Michelle McGee in "Bombshell" Scandal

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Tens of millions saw Sandra Bullock thank her husband, Jesse James, as she accepted her best actress Oscar for The Blind Side this month. Little did we know ...

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    Que lastima! Jesse is so frickin retarded cuz sandra is hawt!
    Bombshell is a wh**e and jesse wants more


    It is the nature of MOST human beings to become restless, bored and to cheat these days.We live in times where all values are going down and selfishness is increasing by the day.Why not stop the blame game then??? or will you all keep throwing your own inner anger at blank pages.these celebrities are mirrors of what we all are at this time.They are only meant to show you YOURSELVES.Can any of you just open your eyes for 5 seconds?? then you may see what i am talking about. All is one, one CONSCIOUSNESS...


    Sandra Bullok is a REAL woman. Not that trashy hoe dog "bombshell". Sandra is talented, beautiful, smart, and a strong woman. She can do better than Jesse James anyway!

    But if I was Sandra and new he had an ex-wife who was a porn star, I wouldn't have dated him in the first place unless he never told her about the other wives.

    UGh! Cheatin men diserve no women!


    I don't condone what Jesse did, but by virtue of being an actress you cheat all the time with costars. Every time you turn on the TV you and your children have to watch your wife in kissing and in bed with other men and that has to take its toll. And for all those who say it's pretend, the kissing is REAL and being naked is REAL pressing against your costar in bed scenes. But, if it were not real then why do budding romances spawn between costars? Being an actor is just a license to cheat!


    seems like fidelity and faithfulness don't mean anything to people anymore why get married if you aren't capable of keeping your vows
    real-wishes dot com where wishes become reality


    Who really cares what they get up too.... An orgasm is just another orgasm... "Yawn"!!!! so Boring!!!


    Connie: You just seem to have all the answers. I think you feel like you may know it all, don't you? Who are you to judge? When you got cheated on, was it because you are a shitty person? Only you can answer that?
    And if you think she's such a bad actress, stop watching her movies. The only way you could give that kind of criticism is if you seen her movies.


    ME.. I am not a grown man i am a grown woman. And your right if it had been Sandra cought cheeting i would have said the same thing just in a better way. I would have said ok then there something the the other guy was doing that jesse wasn't. That the main reason the other parnter step out. No it is not right. But 9 time out of 10 is why the other one step out.


    ok ME you really need help if you get this upset over shit like this then u need ur own life. I didn't say it was ok that jesse steped out. I have been married to the same mam now for 12 years. I know all to well about talking and all that. But all i am saying that 9 time out of 10 when a dumn ass male step out is because something isnt right in the marrage to begain with.
    Alice gold your right there is no reason to get pissy about any of this Sandra, Jesse or any other sleb are going to read any of this so chill out and move on i am sure they have.


    I hate to tell you all this, but Sandra Bullock could care less what any of you think.

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