Jesse James to Janine Lindemulder: Lay Off Sandra Bullock!

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Jesse James has a message for his ex-wife, and that is to leave his current wife the heck out of their custody dispute, which was gotten increasingly bitter of late.

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    jenine you turn tricks to pay your legal bill you think you would be a better parent then sandra

    what are you going by the parenting book for dummys stop being so dam peti if your on drugs and turning tricks then stop thinking of your self your daughter could be doing worses then her for a step mom


    jesse sandra is your rock dude after seeing the woman before and the chick after for your sake dude wear some scank repelent and just worry about your kids and sandra


    Have you heard the porn star speak ? The biggest pop-shot/comment she mad was "I think Sandra is trying to protect my child from her mother" - she knows she's a crack-whore. Some people can change, but writings on the wall with this bimbo - her current squeeze is also a convited felon, she's broke - she does Blink 182 film clips!!


    Porno queen, druggie, convict. Oh yeah, that resume screams "Good Mom" to me. Kudos to Sandra for dealing with this situation. Bad moms are always jealous of anyone who's obviously a better role model. Pathetic.


    Poor kid....bad enough to have to grow up with a porno queen for a mother, but for her to try to destroy a healthy relationship with a respectable woman because she is jealous...well, just another reason to keep her away from that child....yoda says,"poison for the soul, she is"


    What a sad situation for a child to go through. I hope it works out for the best.

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