Jake Pavelka, Vienna Girardi Want to Procreate Hard

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Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi have been engaged 10 days. Or one for each beautiful baby The Bachelor couple apparently wants to make some day.

"The other day it was 10!" Vienna exclaimed when her fiance told E! News, in response to a question about starting a family, that "We want five kids."

Five. Ten. Either way, too many little Viennas for the world. Fortunately, she may agree. "No, no, no, like 2-3," Girardi said, "but not for a few years."

Pavelka and Girardi may be have babies on the brain following the romantic season finale of The Bachelor, but walking down the aisle? Not so much.

"We're going to wait awhile before we start talking about wedding dates," Vienna Girardi said. "We want to have some normality in our relationship."

Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi Pic

The future Mr. and Mrs. Pavelka. [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

Fortunately for Jake, normalcy means taking part in reality show. The pilot is competing in his third of the last year, signing on for Season 10 of Dancing With the Stars.

Also par for the course for Jake? Controversy. The inevitable rumors that Jake's been cheating with Chelsie Hightower, his cute Dancing partner, have already surfaced.

Vienna insists she's not bothered by that noise.

"I actually love Chelsie," she said. "She and I are very, very good friends. I was in the studio today, watching them dance... I'll be sitting in the front row every week."

Will Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi last?


Since when the public is the one deciding who somebody wants to marry. I just don't get you America. I think the choice is Jack and Vienna's NOT yours. The producer shows whant he want you to see, but NOBODY knows the reality. I am sick and tired of listening people judging other people when they don't even know these people. I don't know them, but I enjoy watching the show. I am just happy to see two young people in love. And if the relation do not last, it will not be the first time that people in love cannot stay together. I have seen 15-year-old married with kids getting divorce SO WHAT ... life change ... people change. Give Jack and Vienna a chance to live their love life IT IS NOT ANYBODY business to tell if the belong together or not. Come on people MOVE ON leave them alone ... enough with the judgment. Just put yourself in their choose for a moment and experience how it's felt to have so many people on your back. I just hope that they don't read or here some of these comment.


Seems to me that calling Ali a sour puss is quite negative.


Seems someone that wrote the comment must have read at least part ways. If didn't really care then would not make some negative comment about it. Ah, and being a sour puss like Ali there or what? Oh yeah, judgement time too, they are not mature or responsible enough to have children? How do you know --are you some sort of 100% guaranteed clairvoyant or a prophet?
I hope all good things for Jake and Vienna. I think they are great couple, seem to have fun and seem to be in love.


None of us really care about Jake & Vienna's procreation. They don't know the first thing about having children and the maturity and responsibility that it takes to raise a child.

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