Happy Birthday, Kate Gosselin!

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Reality star, best-selling author, grating spouse and mother of eight Kate Gosselin is 35 today. Happy birthday to the reverse mulleted pride of the Keystone State!

It's difficult to believe that less than a year ago, Kate was merely half of Jon & Kate Plus 8 ... or one tenth of it, if you want to look at it that way. You get the idea.

But ever since Jon Gosselin was outed as a cheater and their marriage imploded, Kate Gosselin not only became a household name, but one America rallied around.

Well, at least mostly.

Dancing Fanatic

Kate Gosselin is beginning anew. [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

Until it became clear that Jon was possibly the world's biggest douchebag, Kate had her share of critics as well. In any case, she's moved on to bigger, better stuff.

And we're not even talkin' about his two-inch package ... OH, SNAP!

Jon & Kate Plus 8 is a thing of the past, but Kate has moved on to Dancing with the Stars. She stank up the joint last week, but goes for redemption tomorrow.

Love her or hate her, she's become a staple of the celebrity gossip world. In honor of her special day today, click to enlarge some Kate Gosselin pictures below ...

Kate Rehearsing
Katie G
Kate G. Photo

I wonder where runwith the wind went, either they hit him off here for is very enlellagent mouth )lol just getting meant doughe mouth}. He and Jon would make a great pair, because Jon is the biggist doughe I have ever seen and this one is the worst of the worst of doughe Mouth's I have ever seen. Or he opened his big mouthe and said Kate would be one of the frist one's off the show. If he was saying this kind of stuff to a Lady like myself. And a real man walked behind her , he would run like the wind. I kind of injoyed what he wrote becasue I get very few laughs in life, that I'am dieing of breast cancer. Those this did give me a little joy in y life. MY the way people pls do not feel sorry for me because I'm 63 yr's old and have had a very full life and a wondeful hubby and family, sorrry to say that I do not think that run with the wind has . hugs to all


Big Month runwiththe wind (Just hot air coming out of your month} kate made it to the 3th round what do you think of that. You are a bigger dougebag then her husbund and that is saying something. At least he does not have the potty mouth like you. Your Mother must be very proud of you. Like I said you really do did help Pls seek some out.for your Mother's sake at least if not for you.




if anything happens in a relationship its always women´s fault. when a man cheats its the fault of the wife bcos she was not taking care of the man, and the woman has to take back the man bcos of thier kids and to save thier marrige. Dont men have faults in thier marriage? and why dont men first think about thier kids and marriage before cheating? why do only women has to do the thinking?


does it mean that women should feel older after Pregnancy while men feels younger? remember, the Pregnancy that makes women not to look beutiful as they use to are the kids of both the husband and wife. kate has the right of doing operation to feel good again. afterall jon her ex ist dating a 22 years old girl.


WOW WOW, what a dumb bunch of dicks. Happy birthday Kate, enjoy your day babe and don't let anyone spoil it. It's your day. You rock. Jake


I love how amongst all the name calling and hating someone decides to tell us all about a dating site ha ha, how very fitting. If the chats half as amusing as it is here im off!! lol.


Useless waste of human skin, bad useless parent, the fake everything, cares only about herself and her looks, family abuser, child exploiter, husband abuser and user (uses the children to), don't give 2 s hits about her own children except how many $ they can put in her wallet to buy something else to fake her looks out more, gagamagott, gross, looks like a man trying to do so much plastic surgery to become a woman but does not have the grace of a woman or the looks of a woman, SHOPPING CART DANCER ON DWTS's apparently per the judge-LMFAO. Hateful, mean, a disgrace to women, men, children, parents, moms and the world. Hope she gets ran over by her children! In other words, just a piece of S HIT nothing!


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