Report: Jon Gosselin is a Cheater!

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Jon Gosselin has eight children and one very nagging wife.

So it would be hard to blame the guy for straying, though he claims a new report in Us Weekly proves no such thing.

Allow us to explain:

Allegedly, Gosselin  - one half of the couple in charge of an octet of kids on the TLC reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8  - recently left club Legends (barely able to walk, witnesses say) at 2 a.m. And he wasn't alone!

Jon climbed into a car with a mystery woman, and without his wedding band.

The dad of twins AND sextuplets supposedly panicked when cameras began flashing and urged his female friend to "get in the car!" before speeding off. He didn't even turn on his headlights (that's dangerous, kids).

While TLC had no comment on the night in question, or the couple's marital status, Jon sent an email to Us Weekly.

"I went to Legends to speak to the owner. A friend of mine wanted to check out my car, so I let her drive it to her car," he wrote. "Yes, I have female friends - but that is all she is."

While Kate Gosselin might not be thrilled with this story, Nadya Suleman must be doing cartwheels. For once, she isn't the week's shadiest famous parent of a horde of kids.


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Language: English (change) I've watched every show. I see Kate going hard on Jon, BUT, if he was more responsible with the kids I don't think she'd have to. Men generally have a problem being responsible anyway. Someone wrote in a blog somewhere 'Since everything has happened, Kate has went on and made a career for herself, what has Jon done?'. I think that shows who really takes care of those kids financially, emotionally, spiritually, morally, RESPONSIBLY. Plus, if your spouse is doing something to you that you don't like and feel they will not stop, do the responsible thing and LEAVE. DONT grab onto a scape-goat, demoralize yourself, set a horrible example for your kids(who look to you for guidance on how to be) and CHEAT. Its not fair to your kids, spouse, or the person with whom you're cheating - who you make feel ALOT more special than you really believe they are and that they are.


The grass always seems greener on the other side. They have a lovely family. Kate is as beautiful a woman as i have seen. I don't know what caused the infidelity; I only see what's on the show. But once you lose your family it can be devastating no matter who's at fault. It is then when you start ro realize that you don't miss your water till' the well runs dry.


Vanesssa,ARE YOU HIGH? She constantly belttiles him and she does not take care of her family!!! They live in my develpment she exploits her family and kids for money!!! The only thing jon did wrong was wait too long to start tappin the fine lil 23 year old!!!! Kate is a class A money hungry bitch!!!!


Seen this on JonGosselin(.)com Its crazy what fame and fortune will do to you. Look at the before pic (when they first started their show) and the after pic of Kate...crazy crazy!


Vanessa, you sure as heck can blame her. You can blame him too. If you do watch the show then you would know that she degrades and belittles him on national television almost on a weekly basis. Even if this stuff is edited for ratings purposes she still does it WAY too much. Any man would want to get away from this monster no matter the situation (8 kids, money, whatever). He should just have the backbone to ask for a divorce and they should figure out what to do for the benefit of the kids. He's to blame for not going about things the right way, but she is the cause. A horrible woman who is so self righteous it's painful.


We have no idea what is really happening with this family. BUT shame on the media and tabloids for blaming Kate for being a bad wife,acting mean and nasty to Jon and so on. IF he did cheat on Kate, HE is to blame. Kate should not be made out to be the bad person in all of this. If you have watched the show you would see that she is a good Mom and loves her family. If Jon has been screwing around, he has issues of his own. Lets not just blame Kate here!!!


OK I am sorry but Jon and Kate get on my nerves. She treats her husband like a door mat and I am sorry, butI don't care that they have 8 kids, maybe there should be a real show about the economic problems that a family of 10 really faces. I admit that raising a family is hard but they should spend more time working on there family, not a TV show. I am sorry but If I were them I would worry about any psychos knowing everything about my family. I think that the two of them need to get some real perspective.


I have loved "Jon and Kate" plus 8 for many years now. But I have been concerned about how a nice family has been turned into a media circus. I love those children! It seems to me that over the past couple of years, Kate has shown up on several shows alone. I almost feel like she really feels like a celebrity, instead of a mom raising a wonderful family. I think she should forget trying to be a celebrity and go back to what she is good at...being a mom. She has lost perspective and she and Jon need to work on their marriage. Forget the new house--focus on the family!


The extensive media attention to this disaster should be focused on what is happening to these poor children. There has been at issue since this family became a show, how there is a need for National child labor laws. These children are working & supplying their parents w/ the good life all the while their privacy is invaded at all hours of the day. WHERE are the children’s paychecks going? Maintaining a 1.3 million ESTATE, sports cars, Dad’s partying like a rock star, Mom on a continuous lecture/book tour, full time round the clock nannies, shopping in pricey stores, etc… The children need the help of the Federal/State’s legal system to put their funds in trust and govern their education and work hours!


Have they not learned anything from other reality TV couples, ie: Nick and Jessica, Hulk and Linda. Have you seen their recap of their show from the beginning to now. There is absoulutely no communication between them. Jon just stares off into space. It goes to show money and fame do not bring happiness. Now they have the huge house and book deals and paid speaking engagements. I've never seen such a happy couple become so unhappy. And what happened to all their friends? So sad!


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