Elisabeth Hasselbeck Goes Off on Sarah Palin

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In never-thought-you'd-see-the-day news, staunch conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck went off on The View yesterday, railing against none other than Sarah Palin.

Why? Because Palin, for whom she campaigned during the '08 election, released an ad that put 20 Democratic members of Congress literally in the crosshairs.

Palin's call to kill Democrats grass roots action came in response to the Dems' big f*%king deal overhaul of the health care system, which she's very opposed to.

The former Alaska Governor's Facebook page features her political action committee's ad targeting the 20 Democratic incumbents, with a SarahPac map marking districts where Democrats voted "yes" for health care reform with guns.

Elisabeth would like a mulligan on this campaign rally.

Hasselbeck also opposes health reform, but she's actually far more upset about how people on her own side of the political spectrum are handling themselves.

"I think the way some Republicans are handling this is nothing more than despicable," she said in response to Palin's tasteless ad. "It's disappointing to see this coming from the Party, and I would hope that leaders like Sarah Palin would end this."

No word if Sarah also plugged Bristol Palin on there somehow.

Liberal-leaning co-host Joy Behar got Elisabeth going by saying the map looked "like an Al Qaeda Christmas card." We were surprised to watch Elisabeth concur.

Check out them going off on the professional celebrity below ...


Got Hyperbole, I agree with you. Scott put down the pipe and blow the lines off the mirror. That crap is making you paranoid as hell! The Administration does not want to change this country to the degree you are suggesting. How will they benefit? We don't anything about fascism and no one is interested. I would rather pay extra taxes to assist with paying healthcare and education for citizens of the U.S.ditizens rather than building up a country that we helped destroy in a trumped up war. What happened to the chests of American dollars the soldiers found in Husseins castle? Send that money back to the States to assist in paying the War debts. I am interested in taking care of this country not other countries that have enough resources to care for themselves.


I wonder if President Clinton had pushed his HealthCare Reform Bill if it would have received this much attention? Subliminal messages have been effective in stirring up emotions in people and creating violence for centuries. And you wonder why there are some people opposed to the right to bear arms? You have very frightened and crazed people out there taking all the rhetoric from Palin, Limbaugh, Hannity and Beck and plotting destruction as we speak. Now, I understand why people view the extremists in a negative way. They are comparable to al-Quadi and that is disturbing. The are inciting violence and know it but will frame it in another way. I see that crap all the time. All people aren't stupid. Stupid!


Sarah Palin should be in prison. Aren't death threats considered 3d degree murder?


Does Canada look like a fascist state? And we have had health care for ages. Mind you, it doesn't always work perfectly. We have had to issue health cards with photos on them because too many Yanks were using them for free health care in Canada. Now are you keep sneering?


What's in Sarah Palins' head, no one will ever know. It's entirely feasible for her to use violence or threat to quiet the opposition.


Scott, put down the pipe.


If any of you had any brains and yes that includes you Elisabeth, you will not that those are not cross-hairs but survoyers symbles. Before you get all up on Sarah (the supposedly uneducated one) look up the difference between a rifle cross-hair symble and a surveyor symble.


Sarah Palin's Facebook comments on Health Care and accompanying map with the rifle sights clearly targetting Democrats can only be construed as a 'call to arms'. She should be ashamed of herself. She is dangerous, in particular, because those who listen to her and (ick) believe her, are the right-wing, gun-toting, beer drinking, ski-doo riding, mentally unbalanced miscreants...Sarah makes Alaskans look bad, she makes Conservatives look bad, she makes mom's look bad...if she wasn't so pretty, no one would EVER have given her a second thought, or a second look. A real pretty package that is without substance or merit or integrity.


It is a terrible thing we have to respond to such a negative topic,but if you do not stand for something,you will fall for anything.There is absolute bitterness and unneccessary hatred,
within the atsmosphere at these meetings.The idea that Not one word is used to indicate something positive or helpful for the ones that are attending these meetings,only shows that these are people who are being encourage to shout out and demonstrate loathesome behavior,that their children and grandchildren would Never be allowed to be a part of at any school setting.Palin used Elisabeth,the same way that McCain is now using Palin,who he distanced himself from on Election Night.The climate is getting warmer, and the rhetoric is becoming more heated.Enough is enough.
I continue to look forward to the different opinions of my co-writers!!


Very good speech, not sincere. Elisabeth was just covering her fanny from getting in trouble. Also allowing her to take a jab at Joy Bahar before the speech started. She is a nasty person and looking out only for herself.

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