Joe Biden F-Bomb Rings in Health Care Reform

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The Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden, doesn't just think the newly-passed Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is a big deal.

It's a pretty big f*%king deal!

Without realizing he was being recorded by the podium mic, or maybe just not giving a $h!t, the V.P. congratulated the President yesterday with exactly those words.

He's definitely right, whether you oppose the bill or not. Here are the #1 and #2 men in the U.S. Government marking the passage of landmark health care reform ...

HEALTH CARE REFORM: A bill worthy of a Joe Biden f-bomb.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs reportedly backed the V.P. up, saying “Yes, Mr. Vice President, you’re right.” Barack Obama’s senior adviser, Valerie Jarrett, later responded that they are unable to change the gaffe-prone Biden one bit.

He certainly had his share of memorable moments during his decades of service as a member of the U.S. Senate from Delaware, including more than one like this.

Hey, at least you know he says what he's thinking, right? A rarity in politics. Here's a video of Joe Biden's f-bomb from yesterday and some of his greatest hits ...


Leave Joe alone, people.


Hey Hellion, Go F@*% Yourself!


This is a Big,Big Deal!! Leave to Joe, to tell it like it is!!!


And so what? This is just another example of what is running this country. If Joe decided that the F word was appropriate to use with Obama, then, that tells me something about the president as well. Keep kissing up Joe. God help you and the rest of us. I bet Nancy uses the F word also. I am an embarrassed Democrat and I thought Bill was bad enough.


Joe Biden is probably the most worthless politician on the planet. Obviously, everyone has forgotten that he once wanted to get rid of public busing (brilliant!) because Amtrak gave him so much money. Let's also not forget how he plagiarized just about every speech that he has ever had to do - he was caught doing so in 1988. Or how about his flip flopping on the war. Trust me people, this guy is not on your side - he is on his own side.


Leave it to Joe, to tell it like it is!!


Hilarious! Leave it to Biden to forget about the mic. Too funny!
And so what, millions of ppl cuss

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