Tila Tequila Twitter Ticker: The Miscarriage Begins...

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Next thing you know, Heidi Montag will say her breasts are fake and Jon Gosselin will admit he cares more about attention than his children...

In a development only anyone with a pulse could have seen coming, Tila Tequila has insinuated that she's having a miscarriage.

THG predicted the demise of her fake child in late January, as we asked readers to name the date on which the troubled bisexual would start to Tweet about losing her "baby." Who had February 15 in their office pool?

Earlier today, Tila left multiple messages that implied she was on the verge of suicide due to miscarrying her fetus. Neither of these events are joking matters, but this is Tila Tequila. Nothing is off limits if it extends your 15 minutes in the spotlight another second or two...

Miscarriage Tweet

** UPDATE: Tila will not be killing herself. The reason?

She has "been APPROVED to adopt my own baby boy 2-3 years old from RUSSIA!!! I will be his Mommy by the end of the year!!"

If this were remotely true, we'd make some joke about it being the worst Russian idea since Communism. Instead, we'll ask readers to start a new pool: When will this adoption "fall through" for Tila?


if this ignorant, attention-mongering whore actually gave a flying fuck about her supposed baby, she wouldn't have worried about calling an ambulance, she would have just done it. if she is really pregnant, this is proof that she cares more about herself than her baby, which makes her an even bigger piece of shit, and if she's lying, which i suspect, the fucking trashy bitch needs to die and rot in hell for using unborn children as a method of self-promotion. either way, this cunt is a selfish, disgraceful slut. she is pure trash. garbage. fucking waste.


If everyone would just ignore her instead of giving her the attention she craves, she'd go away. But noooooo. Let's keep it up.


aww... she didnt kill herself? :(


she can go and get f**cked. She is sick, it's disgusting to even hear the shit she talks. she should not be allowed to have her own baby or adopt. it makes me ill just looking at her. if she was at risk of losing her baby she wouldn't care if she had to call the ambulance, she would do that rather than sit and twitter.
her whole existance is sick!


I hate to sound like a broken record but PLEASE STOP SAYING SHE'S MENTALLY ILL. It's very offensive to those of us who are 'crazy' and are 'seek(ing) professional psychiatric help' and who may in the future need to 'spend time in a psychiatric hospital'(thank you though, @Jen, for not calling it something like a 'psycho ward'). This woman is not acting like this because she's crazy, she's acting like this because she's just a dickhead. No non-dickhead would lie about miscarrying. It's a very traumatic experience that I wouldn't wish on anyone; not even her.


This hot mess is totally addicted to a form of soul-degrading self-destruction that makes me want to throw up my mouth, not one time, not two times, but something like


She is fucking crazy. I had a miscarrige before and its not a joke!! I cant even look at this.SHE IS GROSS and needs to get some help. I actually feel bad for her


This is just sick! This woman does need help - professional psychiatric help. It seems she'd say and do just about ANYTHING to keep everyone interested in her shallow and pathetic existence...


Nicky, lots of people have good advice for Tila, and it is this: commit yourself to a good psychiatric hospital and don't come out until you can stop spouting lies on Twitter. Nobody can be helped when they prefer to live in their own alternate reality, and it's their own choice whether to ask for and accept help, or not.


Okay, it is quite obvious this woman has some serious issues. Who twitts things like this to get attention? If she is pregnant than someone needs to lock her up stat until the child is born and take it away from her. All of this just for attention,and to use your lovers death the way that she did tells alot about her instablility. And i hope to God the Russian government is not that hard up to burden a child with this crazy, narotic woman as a parent.

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