Tiffany Bromley: Michael Buble Loves Sex, Weed

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Canadian crooner Michael Buble makes many women swoon all around the world. Tiffany Bromley is not one of those women ... well, she's not anymore, at least.

For whatever reason, the ex-model who says she had an ongoing affair with Buble for years is calling him out this week as an arrogant, foul-mouthed pothead.

Michael Buble, Emily Blunt

Bromley, who took that classic Michael Buble naked photo when he was dating Emily Blunt, said fame made a "self-obsessed jerk" out of a warm, kind fellow.

"Michael saw himself as a real ladies' man who could schmooze any women into bed, and had done on tours," she said. "He told me I needed to loosen up."

"Many times he said, 'I have the best-looking penis. He bragged about how it gave ultimate pleasure to women. I just ignored him. But he was good in bed."

Okay then!

Bromley also revealed that Michael Buble, who just got engaged to Argentine soap star Luisana Loreley Lopilato de la Torre, smoked up to three joints a day.

"He uses swear words and colorful language," Tiffany Bromley said. "He always had a couple (of joints) his wash bag ready to go. He insisted it was his way of winding down at the end of a day. But sometimes he started the day with one."

"He said he needed pot as a key part of his creativity. He said he could write his best songs with it. It was part of Michael's routine to smoke at night. Then he always got hungry. He'd raid the hotel mini-bar and eat 3-4 Snickers bars."

Bromley also recalled that as Buble's fame grew, so did his waistline and his ego. "He often said to me, 'I'm the best living singer there is'," she said.

So basically, if you believe this chick, Michael Buble is an egomaniac who admires his own genitalia, is good in the sack and often gets the munchies.

Glad we've cleared that up.


Hahaha! :))


No I do not believe any of that trash, first of all he went to court for this because the pop. And her both started rumors about him, posting it on magazines so he got the money for suing them. They admited it was a lie, she just wanted money because that would be the only way, I dong even believe they really even dated? Come on Tiffany, highly childish..


*waste :-)


I think this is probably true...why waist her time if it wasn't? Yes, she is probably angry with him, because he used to be nice good person (according to her) and now he is full of himself. I saw him in concert a couple of years ago and yes, he has an amazing voice, however, I do think that his arrogance shows during his performances and that was a bit of a turn off for me. He is a nice looking man and his voice adds to that, but when you see such arrogance, all those nice looks no longer matter.


Typical bitter ex. She is obviously jealous of him marrying Luisana and who is probably the most beautiful girl he's been with, including this nobody Ex. This tiffany is most likely already making some $ talking spiteful trash. Not classy at all.


I think that because he's canadian and has the voice of an angel in love that people expect him to not do regualr things. I'm only 12 years old and I already know like 6 people who have smoked a sticky, icky, icky. She's just a bitchy revenge seeker who wishes to leech off her sexship with him as long as she can because he's successful and she's just a slut whore. And aslo, Michael, I would birth your children.


she's only doing it cause his hitting his peek and she knows she can get money from this but really get over it. if she needs money she should just charge the blokes she sleeps with 100 bucks per person and she'll be a millionaire within a week


My God, he smokes POT three times a day!!! I bet if he had sex three times a day that would make him a sex addict????? Come on Tiffany, look who has no class by slandering one of the nicest guys in the music industry.I do not hear him or Emily Blunt making any bad comments. It sounds like you may be the one with the problem. Go get yourself checked.


I'm sorry, but him being a smoker has nothing to do with the break up. I hate when people use weed as a scape goat for everything.
Did he ever beat her while high? No.
Did he rape her while high? No.
Did he ever steal from her to buy weed? No. What did he do? He wrote the songs that allowed her to live comfortably, he wrote the songs that bought her the vacations and the designer bags. These people disgust me.


michael has already said he used to smoke pot n 3 a day is hardly serious problem n who cares if he swears or uses "colourfull" language who doesnt. hes made it no secret that he swears watch his interviews, he never said he was some goody goody pretty boy thats why hes so popular. Ive met him a few times n he seems like a really nice genuine funny bloke. LOVE YOU MICHAEL


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