Nicole Forrester Accuses Josh Duhamel of Possibly Making Like John Edwards

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According to Nicole Forrester, there's a 95% chance Josh Duhamel is doing a great impression of former Presidential candidate John Edwards.

According to THG, of course, there's 99.99999% chance Nicole Forrester is full of crap.

Josh Duhamel and Fergie at Coachella

The Georgia-based stripper - who claimed in November that she regretted telling the tabloids about her affair with the actor... yet is now milking the allegation for loads of cash - tells The National Enquirer that she's with child.

"Yes, I'm pregnant. Yes, it's probably Josh's. I haven't decided what I'm going to do," Forrester told the newspaper this week.

How confident is Nicole that Duhamel is the father? 95 percent, she said.

The Enquirer is rarely a reliable source, but it did correctly call the Edwards/Rielle Hunter affair.

It was also the first to detail Forrester's supposed night of passion with Fergie's husband, as she claims they had sex - bad sex, mind you - in a $820/night hotel suite after they met at Atlanta's all-nude Tattletales Lounge club.

The publication says Forrester has passed a polygraph test.

Of course, Duhamel must do a lot more than simply deny an affair in order to emulate Edwards. He's still an aide-assisted, state funds-used cover up and sex tape to go!

** UPDATE: Forrester has lashed out at this rumor "I am not pregnant.

"Apparently, because of mistakes I made in the past they feel I'm fair game and can print whatever lies they want just to sell magazines – I want this to stop now.

"This has not only hurt me but other innocent parties, including my children, who have to deal with the bully tactics of other children – that is not fair.


For "GAmom" & everyone else who want to talk bad about Nicole Forrester...
Who are you to talk bad & judge her on her actions??
Who are you to talk about her parenting skills?
There isnt a manual that tells you how to be a parent, you live & you learn from your mistakes!
But for all those who want to sit here & judge her will be judge by someone bigger!
"GAmom" you need to just shut your mouth & look in the mirror, I AM pretty sure you are not perfect either & im sure you have a few skeltons in your closet as well!


No, she is not hotter than Fergie. She's nasty and Fergie's has a hot bod!!!


wouldn't be surprised if this isn't true. Paying someone, especially a stripper, a good chunch of money to make up a story for the press is very common


My daughter goes to the same school as this woman's daughter. Here's an idea lady...if you don't want your children having to deal with "bully tactics" of other children, don't go having sex with random guys and then tell the whole world about it! You should have thought of your children before you did this. And as for her being a "single parent", both of her children live with their father (thank goodness).


Hmm, male head shot. Female bikini shot looking like she's advertising by the hour. Not nice.


I agree vow to someone you won't when you know you will. Hypocritical. You CAN control your urges and if you can't then you shouldn't marry. As for this girl, anyone who opens up their trap to a tabloid deserves no resect.


Am I the only one that thinks that Nicole Forrester is hotter than Fergie?

Ginaa said everything I wanted to. +1!!


People know themselves and KNOW if they are cheaters. If you're a cheater, why commit to someone? Fine if you choose to be a sleaze, but why is it necessary to be so cruel as to offer a commitment in the first place if you're uncapable. Why deceive someone who has trusted you? Ugh...


I Gotta Feelin'....that Josh is in some hot water! LOL!

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