Nicole Forrester Insists: I Had Sex with Josh Duhamel!

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As a stripper, Nicole Forrester knows what it takes to stand up strong for her beliefs. Or at least for the guy that's doing her up against the wall of the VIP room.

With that in mind, the busty blonde is sticking to the story she first shared late last month: she danced for actor Josh Duhamel at an Atlanta strip club in early October and then slept with him a week later.

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Duhamel has denied the accusations, but Forrester says she has text messages and a polygraph test as evidence.

"We did hook up and had lots of sex and we had a really, really good time," Forrester told Atlanta radio station Q100's "Bert Show" yesterday.

Of course, Forrester, who sold her story to the National Enquirer for over $20,000, claims she now regrets coming forward. How come?

Because she has children, ages 10 and 3, that had no clue their mommy gave strangers lap dances.

"My son's like: Mom are you doing anything different now? He doesn't want me to do this anymore... I feel like people are just looking at me. It's just bad. It's just an uncomfortable situation with my children and all their friends know."

We're guessing more money would make Nicole feel more comfortable, however.

As for the allegations? She reiterated:

"It's the truth. I'm not lying about anything. I have nothing to hide and he's just guilty as I am."

Do you believe her tale?


Alright look. I go to school with her son in Commerce, GA. She is not slutty. Shoe does not do drugs, and she did NOT lose custody of her children. There is not much I can say regarding the JD incident, other than I'm not sure. All I know is, she is a good mother, and a good person. She is NOT sleazy.


i hope josh fxxked her
it shows he is a real man;P
who like variety n new blood


Shess a total slut. why would josh cheat on fergie, he loves and cares about her too much. coz if he didnt love fergie than wouldnt he just tell them if he did. this hoe obviously doesnt get paid enough rolling her big hole around on a pole, so she has to make up a story about him to get some cash.FUCK HER!! I beleive Josh Duhamel...


Obviously she is a fake. If it is so true, why dun she just show d newspaper d text messages and d polygraph test result to prove her stories?? Ashamed? Sure don't look like it.


Why the hell would he sleep with that stripper when hes married to one of the hottest chicks alive!? I agree with robsessed. I don't trust people who sell their stories. And all the public humilliation shes putting her kids through... SLAPPER!!


I KNOW this girl. She is a sleazy dancer and will sleep with anything for a buck...or drugs.She DID lose custody fo her kids. They have been in the car at the strip club she worked at and sheis a horrible mother. She doesn't deserrve her kids and he doesn't deserve Fergie either!


she is just a wannabeceleb.


She is nasty- Why would someone like Josh go for something like that- She doesn't even have a pretty face and obviously a horrible personality


Well why should we care about his "at home" life when it has NOTHING to do with us. People wonder why singers and or movie stars go crazy or end up flying of the deep end and it is because of this crap right here. They are people with emotions and lives that are not ours. I know a few of them and for them and the ones I dont know get a life and dont worry about thiers and what is going on in it. Gossip is not facts it more less BS. Enough said.


the thing is i know her kids and i can tell by the way they're acting this bull shit did happen

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