Mel Gibson Calls Reporter A$$hole on Air

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Mel Gibson did not take too kindly to questioning from a Chicago TV reporter yesterday and hurled an insult at him once he thought the camera was off.

It was not.

A frustrated Mel was on WGN-TV promoting his new film, Edge of Darkness, but kept being hit with questions about ... well, you knew it would come up.

Asked about his drunk, anti-Semitic rampage from 2006 and whether he thinks people view him differently, Mel grew increasingly annoyed via satellite.

After an awkward minute or so, the WGN reporter wrapped up the interview with the actor, told folks to see Mel's movie, and that appeared to be that.

Until Mel, apparently thinking the interview was over, took a swig of his coffee and called the guy an "asshole." Seriously. It's amazing. Check it out:

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Of course Mel is my favorite "MAVERICK",after appearing in all those movies with Danny.A lot of things can happen in four years,
but the main thing that keeps coming up is about Mel's Meltdown.
After seeing that interview how Dean Richards kept badgering Mel,
as if he was on a witness stand.That's all well and good because at the end of the interview "MAD MAX" got the last word.


The best thing any of us can do is avoid his movies and his career. There are far better actors and people to follow.


Mel needs to get a little smoother..just saying it's water under the's true the press(includes radio people, t.v. people) don't want to move on. I for one can't wait to see Mel Gibson's new movie!!


Mel shouldn't be giving interviews if he can't handle them. Typical drunk. Typical jerk. This is not a guy whose movies I would walk across the street to see. He hasn't even tried a little bit to improve his image. Says he has moved on? I don't think so!


oops, I meant to type the word you, not whatever that is that I typed. I have one hand,so sue me. I'm sure Mel would have something hateful to say about that, too.Anyway, I have no empathy for obnoxious, pompous racists who think that their celebrity places them above the law and above thenormal standards regarding treatment of people who are not like oneself.I empathize with nice people ho can respect others. Look up the word empathy. Before you use it. It's not the same as sympathy.Nor do I have sympathy for people like Mel Gibson.He's lucky nobody has yet shot him in his ignorant head.


Have empathy? Are ypu serious? I cannot empathize with a racist


Gibson is a dick. He obviously is not sorry & thinks his "mea culpas" were good enough. Wrong. He will always be a dick IMO.


I am on Mel's side, how stupid that reported was by asking questions of incidents that happenned four years ago. Mel is promoting his new movie, not talking about his problems of years ago. I LOVE YOU MEL


Mel and Tiger Woods are the same feather...LIER...CHEATER.... They munst stck together in doing wrong and of the devil....There is always a corresponding KARMA in doing bad...


I agree with Mel, the Reporter was way out of line,,, but that's how they get their ratings,,, and I believe the mike was left on on purpose,, they use tricks like that. MOst of the news on TV and in the magazines and Newspapers, should be taken with a grain of salt,, and not taken too seriously, as much of it is simply sensationalism, smut, biased reporting, sometimes half-=truths, and sometimes simply false, of mistaken information or a lack of knowledge by the Reporter."Don't believe everything you read in the news,or hear on TV", should be taught to our shildren in school.
But I had a good laugh, and so did my wife. (I forgave Mel a long time ago.)

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