Lee DeWyze: American Idol Hopeful

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We're one week away from American Idol taking its show to Hollywood.

Next Tuesday, Ellen DeGeneres debuts as a permanent judge and we already know of at least one singer she'll be critiquing: Lee DeWyze.

This soulful singer auditioned in Chicago and hauls from Mount Prospect, Illinois. DeWyze has enjoyed a moderately successful career so far, fronting The Lee DeWyze Band and specializing in acousting guitar.

He released a rock album titled "Slumberland" last year.

The smooth crooner once said his goal is to relate to fans:

"I want a connection with my audience in the sense that any song I do reminds them of a specific moment in their lives - not mine."

How selfless! So far, DeWyze and Andrew Garcia represent our favorite male semifinlists on the show. Below, you can listen to a single by the former and judge his chances on American Idol.


hi lee your voice is so amazing!!!! I LOVE IT!!


Lee u are so amazing everytime i listen to anything u song i get goosbumps all over u are so talented and u truley are an amasing singer!!!! U are going to win this like simon says u are defnitly n it to win it U ROCK!!!!!


i think i'm in love with you Lee!


lee is very Good. I have nothing to say but Awnsome


Both of his albums are amazing! Check out "Flower Child" for his first album....it's awesome :)


You're SO frikkin good. Definitely my favorite. Marry me please?


I absolutely loveeeeeeee Lee! His voice is amazing & he is definately handsomeeee! (:


What's this song he sang last with the voice of an angel.. or similar.


Dewyse is good ! So is Andrew Garcia. Casey James isn't just playing chords on the electric guitar but he could play in any rock band and his voice is good too.


wow....me along with everyone I work with and friends with are big big fans of Lee Dewyze !! He's on FIRE!!! #1

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