Lady Gaga: What's Her Best Face Mask?

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Most female stars wear dresses or outfits. Lady Gaga wears elaborate performance art pieces. Sometimes that includes a hair phone; quite often a face mask.

Most recently, the always outrageous singer donned a flowing, white three-tiered gown topped with a towering cotton candy wig at the Brit Awards last week.

That may have even been tame by Lady Gaga fashion standards.

You may recall her raising eyebrows with a blood-red lace Alexander McQueen archive dress and matching headdress and veil at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Or at the ACE awards when she showed off a similar veil lace headpiece, this time in black to match her Marc Jacobs outfit. Flat-out face-shielding madness.

Which look do you like best? Vote in our poll below!

Gaga masks

Which masked effort was Lady Gaga's best fashion statement?


I do not like your style in clothes all bad, but the Red wonderful, but over the bad, and if I wore underwear best


Love her outfits, or hate them, it takes a lot of time and planning,and an extreme amount of "chutzpah" to leave your house
looking like that.


whoa? what was that?
lady gaga is pretty if she had no make up..mmn!!
by the way guys just watch this video
that's my favorite song by astrid


Thy are ol horrible 2 me


Tatiana...Tatiana... I won't go off on you because you are entitled to your opinion, but have you ever bothered to listen to her ENTIRE album? Her look is only a small part of her image. That girl has a set of pipes on her that can rival those of Christina Angulera and Beyonce (because face it, Beyonce stopped singing a few years ago, all she does is yell now) Also, Gaga LOVES HER FANS. You can browse this site and find at least two occasions that happened within the past few months that prove that. 1) She did a signing in Best Buy and bought pizza for all her fans.
2) Good Morning America (or was is The Today Show?) she provided all her fans with hot chocolate that were waiting outside for her to perform. I can also go on to say that she loves the gays! You hardly have artists out there that publicly take a stand on the Gay Rights Movement. Why? Because they are more worried about thier bottom line and album sales. Come on people, open your eyes!


Ugh...lady Gaga is a Hot A** mess....I hate that woman....she really has problems...and the reason she wears all those mask and makeup is because under neath all of it is a really ugly face....she needs 2 get a life

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