Lady Gaga Debuts Hair Phone

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Already well known for outrageous hairstyles and fashion, Lady Gaga may have outdone even herself this time, debuting a hair phone in her "Telephone" music video.

By hair phone, we mean that literally!

In stills from her latest performance art piece, with which she collaborated with Beyonce, Gaga is seen with a phone stuck to the side of her head. Somehow it works.

She's really weird. She's also really talented. When you're a rumored hermaphrodite who dresses like Marie Antoinette on HGH, what's a little phone made of hair?

It's not the first time Gaga and Beyonce have combined their talents. The music superstars originally teamed up for a remix of Beyonce's hit "Video Phone."

Click to enlarge some more Lady Gaga pictures from "Telephone" ...

Lady Gaga Nude Outfit
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Oh mai goodness,she is an absolute fruit in the loop but us people in england adore her, lady gaga looks absolutely outstanding in these pictures, i like how she's made the pop and the punky desighner look revamped and fresh. She looks lushhh.


weirdo wat da fuck is up wif dat hair my eyes ..... gaga go to a pro for fashion advise


Ok then? Type in english Sandy. Much easier to read.




@Michelle...I don't really care, it's my opionion what I think about her.


Lady Gaga is Marilyn Manson.


I'd love to waxh her head with that phone while ramming my throbbing love rod down her throat! Ha ha. I heard she love to get man-wax facials! You go girl...or are you a guy? If so...maybe Adam Lamebert will slurp on your pee pee!


@Emily B ...your right lady gaga's music is great and yes she is a bit weird, but why would you turn away from her just cause she looks different?...that is lady gaga's point for being strange, to stand out and celebrate differences... not avoid them or shun them. lady gaga is a true artist.


I love her music but I have to admit, Lady Gaga is extremely weird with her hair and outfits. It really kinda turns me away from her but at the same time I stay because of her music.