Justin Bieber on Miley Cyrus: Not My Type!

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Their nickname would have just rolled off the tongue: Jiley.

They could have gone on tour together, trading off opening acts at each stop, joining each other on stage for duets that would have left the crowd in tears of joy.

Alas, there will be no coupling up between the two hottest singers under the age of 18 because Justin Bieber was asked by radio station Z100 about Miley Cyrus this week and responded:

"Nooooooo, not my type."

We always knew we liked this Bieber guy!

Miley and Puppy

Justin didn't elaborate on why he would never date Miley, but we'd cite her horrible acting or atrocious wardrobe as the leading factors.

Fortunately, Cyrus doesn't need Bieber. She has Liam Hemsworth to pretend to date in order to publicize their upcoming movie together before going their separate ways go home to.


do u fink that miley is realy into him


Talking about who is the best singer will not solve the problem they must not think about who is the most. Both of them are good.


Well, I mean, can you picture her and Justin together anyway?...Would be weird. I actually think Miley and Liam together is a real relationship and they're kinda perfect together. So cute. :) Uhm.. Justin hasn't really expressed what his type is yet. Except for "nice", which is very descriptive lol :) But too many girls would be pissed if he got a girlfriend or something and he might lose some fans, or they'd just stop being AS crazed as they are right now: aka trampling him. lol :)


lindo gostoso mi liga eu sou uma brasileirinha do jeito que vc quer 88414657 por favor sou sua fãn numero1




miley is pretty his my idol justin look a like bret I love u justin i love your song baby


who's this justin !! he became a celebrity fromm 2 days max and mileyy is famous since like ALL HER LIFE miley is better than this justin he's a kid for god safe u r ccomparing miley to justin miley has as the min 1000000000000 fan well justin for max 1000 and whho r u to judge on miley or on justin ?!3njd ma ba3reff intoo ya 3alamm kilkon ma btiswo fijle tfou 3alaykonn w 3a justinn taba3konn btw sterling knight is 10 times better than this justin


justin bieber is a great singer and anyone how disses him will av me 2 answer ta


miley cyrus is a gd singer but not as gd as justin bieber :)


hahaha thats funny if justin bieber thinks miley cyrus isnt his type that means he has good taste in choosing women ;) go justin!

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