Miley Cyrus' Torn Jeans: Hot or WTF?!?

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She's a global icon that has starred in a hit movie and TV show, while releasing platinum albums and posing for a number of magazine photo shoots.

In other words: Miley Cyrus is quite well-off. You'd think she'd be able to afford a pair of non-ripped jeans.

But for whatever reason, the singer strolled through Los Angeles over the weekend in an outfit that a homeless person might wear. A homeless person that had been on the street for a very long time, that is.

Seriously. These pants have been ripped more often than Miley on this website...

Torn Up

We guess this look is somehow "in" these days, as weird fashion is often interpreted as forward-thinking and creative. We say: it's just weird.

What do you say? Miley's jeans are...


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Miley has the sexiest legs, why shouldn't she show them off?! I'll be cleaning the leyboard after this pic!


Fantastic pair of jeans!!! Not enough ripped...


I think that's hot. I love Miley too. So whatever she wears, I approve. lol London tailors


i love you miley keep up the god work


shes well FIT i wish her top was ripped that way i can see her bra


She's amazing :D
i love her jeans ;]
but.. yea?, who cares about what she's wearing!
leave her alone!


Duh, she is trying to appear sexy. Get over it.


miley! luv the shirt and everything but,,,,
little less rip and its fine


PEOPLE this is DUMB. SERIOUSLY making an article about jeans. JEANS. who cares what she wears?? its her life she can do what she wants .alot of people like wearing weird clothes (not sayin the pants are weird) but they can if they want to! gosh...


Definetly Wtf they can't even be called jeans they're rags.

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