Jennifer Love Hewitt Celebrates Birthday, Pleads for Attention

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Remember when Jennifer Love Hewitt was a moderately well-known actress on Party of Five who posed naked, never whispered to ghosts and seemed content to play the role of supporting character on a hit TV show?

We miss those days.

The beauty has since devolved into one of the most attention-starved actresses on the planet. She never fails to make out with Jamie Kennedy in public, she openly discusses her bedazzled vagina and, as proven yesterday, she uses her birthday as an excuse to make like a sad version of Lady Gaga for the paparazzi.

Hewitt turned 31 on Sunday and celebrated by throwing a 1980s-themed party with friends. That's cool.

But why did she feel the need to step outside and pose for photographers? And what were those media members doing there anyway? We somehow doubt they stake out JLH's home. Someone's publicist earned his money this week...

Very Annoying Actress
Celebrate Me!

If Hewitt wants attention this badly, we have a much better idea for her: Pose for Playboy. There are only two reasons she's still employed anyway.


Hi Jennifer Happy 23rd Birthday Have Fun


Seriously!!!! She is very pretty and a great actress!! Have you not watch GW and all her other work? Why wouldn't the photographers be outside her house she is great. And who cares if she is always making out with Jamie they are together. It seems to me that there are a lot of ppl not getting any action with there lovers and that is why they bash ppl. God gave you two hands make some use of them!!!


out. of. order.
she was having fun.
ever heard of it?
she was shouting at the pappz that she wanted them to leave her alone, actually really angrily shouting, how the eff is that PLEADS FOR ATTENTION?!


Peg Bundy at the sock hop,this is not my idea of "pretty in pink".


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