Happy Birthday, Ice-T!

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Ice-T turns 52 today, but fans need not worry about getting him a present.

The rapper-turned-actor's wife purchased a gift for him years ago: cartoon-sized breasts, as evidenced by the following photo of Ice and Coca...

Other birthdays boys include John McEnroe (51) and Kim Jong-il (69).

Check out our celebrity birthday calendar now to see when your favorite stars turn a year older. Then, send in your best wishes to today's honorees, with the exception of Kim Jong-il. That guy sucks.


Ice T u need to teach that nigga some respect and let him publicly apologize.


Dont hate on COCO! She handles her business!


Happy Birthday,Ice'! And a wish for many more man! I still rock many of your classics today! Have a great time today dude--you earned it! Hollywood...


I got nothing but love for Coco! Happy Birthday PIMP!


Birthday Wishes Ice-T, GO,GO, COCO!! As the above photo shows, it's not what a man sees in a woman,
it's what he "get" from that woman. You show "em" Girl!!

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