Brad Pitt: I Love Jennifer Aniston (According to OK)!

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Like clockwork, it's the middle of the week, and that means a deluge of tabloid reports announcing the imminent split of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Shocking!

After a certain point, don't they feel this damages their credibility a little bit? We realize they're supermarket tabloids, but 40 weeks in a row of the same thing?

At least this week's OK! bombshell has a slightly new twist: Brad Pitt still loves Jennifer Aniston, and can't stand Angelina, but is conflicted because of the kids!

Despite "presenting a united front for awards season," Brangelina's relationship is dissolving, and friends say Brad is regretting ever leaving Jennifer Aniston.

Still, he'll stay Angie for his children’s sake... BUT FOR HOW LONG!?

He Still Loves Jen

I STILL LOVE JEN, says a tabloid editor posing as Brad.

“Brad was very calm and mellow and gave a great, funny speech" at the Director’s Guild Awards, reports a source, adding: “He and Angie seemed very happy.”

But are they really? Deep down? No, OK! says.

They put on a good show, but Ian Halperin, author of Brangelina: The Untold Story, predicts that the couple will announce their split “when no one expects it.”

Not open-ended or vague at all there, Ian.

We'll see how much longer Brad can stand being with a crazy woman he doesn't even share a car with, all the while sneaking around with his former wife.

Our guess is awhile. Below are more covers featuring the couple this week, with Star insinuating again that Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp are a thing:

Brad, Threatened

I just cannot handle
Jennifer Aniston she is so plastic and fake now and she must have issues because when I see her in that Aveeno commercial with fake blue eyes I just want to therow up.


Well if there was any truth in that I suppose that Jennifer told him to deserves better than that cheating loser.


en is perfect
brad y jen forever i love so much jen aniston still love Jen forever....


i love jennifer aniston especially her movies and her character in FRIENDS.. I feel sorry for her because every time she's in a movie with a guys a lot of gossips or issues goes on the headlines like "JENNIFER ANISTON PREGNANT" "JENNIFER ANISTON seen WITH SOMEONE at..." I hate the papers for doing it, it makes jen bad or look like a cougar or a girl with diff. guys when in fact she's not.. i love jen and i kinda dislike angie but yeah angelina's a goddess of beauty, jen is an american sweetheart and natural, i hope jen won't come back to brad and i think brad's still in love with JEN jen had already moved on like a million years ago


eu amo jennifer aniston eles deveriam voltar sa perfeitos


Omg I hate ange 4 trying 2 but into Jen and beads happy relationship I mean and then cheating on brad with jonny she had the guy and she screwed it so she needs 2 deal with it. Jen loves brad and brad loves Jen am I the only 1 who sees it. Jen and brad r made 4 each other


I just don't believe it. Angelina is incredible, she's different, no matter if she has bad character, she's energetic, crazy, beautiful, sexy, charitable, etc. You will never get bored with her... I don't know Brad, but if I'll be he I will never leave her, because Jenifer Aniston can be beautiful (not for me sincerely) and blah blah blah but she's like every current woman, and as time goes on it starts to bore.


JOLIE AND LADY GAG PERFECT TOGETHER! Why would stupid Brad stay with a woman who is not really a woman, but a female faggot??


What can be expected from a lesbian and a hick like Brad? They never married, they just were in it for kicks and publicity. Disgusting!


Jealous and hate are very bad manner. I don't think good people have it. Five years so far but some haters still bitter and jealous to death.If they love Jen why didn't they go to her websites to worship and flatter her.? Or go to her house to meet her in person?Why go to this webs to insulted others. it's no help. just bother readers Bad people so much jealousy.

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