Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp: It's On!

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Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp are huge, hot movie stars who'll be working together on a new movie in which their respective characters make love in the shower.

Based on that, you can consider their respective relationships over.

That's the logic of the new Life & Style Weekly, which recalls "tearing clothing in a frenzy, mounting counter tops and thrusting against walls" in Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Things got so hot and heavy in that 2005 film that Brad Pitt soon split from his wife, Jennifer Aniston, and found himself in Angelina Jolie's arms in real life, too!

But, what goes around comes around, and given the premise of The Tourist, it's basically inevitable that Angie will now leave Brad for Sexiest Man Alive Depp.

Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp

Sorry, Brad. What goes around comes around.

"The outline of her naked body is visible in the shower," the script teases, describing one provocative dream sequence. "Frank (Depp) walks to the shower and opens the glass door. Walking in, he lifts Cara (Jolie) against the glass."

"Clutching at her slithery body, he proceeds to kiss her frantically," it continues. "She kisses him back with ardor, wrapping her dripping legs around his back."

Vanessa Paradis is apparently worried ... and for good reason!

This flick, slated for an early 2011 release, sure sounds steamy. You can bank on the fact that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston will reunite by then at the latest.


Urrmm r u talkin about the movie Tourist cause ive seen it and that sooo doesn't happen in it???


they had published not to long ago that angelina from long ago had a crush on johnny .. ha she is a shameless whore she will go for it and brad knows it . hey brad now u will be able to take YOUR kids and get away from her


Wow !!!! I m all excited !
I LOVE Angie and its so long time ago I was waiting for a movie
with Angelina and Johnny in a hot movie together ...wish the
will connect and switch partners and be together in real life !
Go go go Johnny go go go Angelina they would be the HOTTEST couple
ever !
I ll go see thgat movie yesss ;)
Love you Johnny love you Angie ! Catwoman xoxoxoxox


Why is Angelina so famous? I don't see it! Her acting is just so, so. She's a whore and ridiculous. All those children. I bet there is plenty of nanny help. And, her equally worse acting husband, Brad. I can't watch any movies she is a part of. Low life Angelina. That's what I call her. Hope she does leave Brad, cause he deserves it. Hope she keeps changing partners till she looks like crap and has aged beyond getting another. Angelina needs to be slapped around. Wish I could do it.


It would be nice if every one released that some relationships do last I personally think Johnny and
Vanessa are great together to bad people have to want the worst for people!
The same goes for Angie & Brad and all there kids both families here to real love!


As the ole saying goes "It doesnt matter how much you love someone it doesnt always mean your happy". Obviously, if Angie and John are bringing their characters into thier personal life then it seems clear that they are not happy in their current relationships. Everyone can put Angie down and blame her but c'mon people are you that stupid and dont know "that it takes two to tango".... I say good on them, if thats what they want to do then go for it... Their only doing what happens in the world everyday. Angie isnt perfect but nor is John, he has alot of faults to, then again if you are a true Johnny Depp fan then you will already know this, there is more to John than meets the eye... I'm with them on this, their got my 110% support cos the heart speaks louder than words!


I love Anjelina Jolie and Johnny Depp they are 2 of my favorites, and i would'nt want to see them mess up their relationships because of a movie role,it's about time they should just keep thier minds on family and maintaining a happy career.


Uau!!! Deixem de fofocas e ganhar dinheiro as custas de famosos, bando de mercenários esta imprensa. Ganham enquanto outros sofrem, são aproveitadores e sem sentimentos. Até quando?????


Jolie and Depp seems like the perfect couple to be seen onscreen together! I'm not a fan of Jolie but I'm thinking she wouldn't seduce Depp in real life. I haven't seen a perfect match onscreen couple in a long time, so I'm really hoping Jolie and Depp star in this movie together!!


Nope, 'aint gonna happen. We can gossip about it all we want, and the publicity will be fantastic for the movie, but, again, Johnny and Angelina? Not gonna happen.

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