Bachelor Truce: Ali Fedotowsky Calls Off Vienna Girardi Feud

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Ali Fedotowsky hated Vienna Girardi so hard on The Bachelor. Heck, her biggest complaint about star Jake Pavelka was that he didn't get rid of Vienna.

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    Ali is not very kind and nice person.


    Ali was so fake on the "Women Tell All!" All of a sudden, she's no longer a jealous hater and whiny brat who thinks she should be the only one that Jake dates. Her bitter attitude was so annoying. She is so shocked that Jake didn't drop all the other women and flew after her. Surprise Ali, the world doesn't revolve around you! She really wants to be the next Bachelorette doesn't she? Stop kissing up to the public now. If ABC makes her the next Bachelorette, I'm done watching!


    Jake and Ali could be good together, as they are both of Polish decent. I could see parents of both approving that relationship.


    i think there are some Vienna HATERS all them girls were jealous i never seen her do anything out of the way, so she is out spoken so was alli who was a b****


    But hey, even Ali said that now she thinks that Jake and Vienna might have a long-term relationship. You all buy this junk, just watch and see. That is a turn around for this crabby gal. Ali is pretty busy building up to being the next Bachelorette. Boring and too predictible if this turns out this way. None of these women are as nice as you want them to be. They will play it out to their own advantage or in hopes of such. A nice bunch of fresh faces would be a lot better for the next season if the network wants more men to watch more of such programs. If same ones keep being brought back it will equal to ordinary soap opera style which is not something I would watch.


    i think ali would be a good bachelorette i just cant believe she left if she really felt that way about jake. he said himself she was his #1, why not wait and see? neither of those other girls and him will last, whichever he picks


    Tenley is just plain boring and prudish, does this sound like the type of woman you want to spend eternity with?...Vienna is young and immature; but, she is also fun and relatable. These girls are at 2 different ends of the spectrum, it is very weird that he narrowed the pack down to 2 very different girls. One one hand you have exciting & spontaneous, on the other you have fake & cold. They do both have their baggage; but, Vienna is the clear choice....good girls rarely get the guy (even if they are just pretending to be good...).

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