Jake Pavelka: Ali Fedotowsky Was in the Lead

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Ali Fedotowsky was Jake Pavelka's leading candidate on The Bachelor before she voluntarily left to pursue a starring role on ABC's The Bachelorette this summer.

Oops, we mean to pursue her career back in "the real world."

In a new interview, Jake repeats his claim that the departed Ali was his "frontrunner" on the program before she was forced to choose between him and her job.

Speaking to ET Online ahead of tonight's Women Tell All special, Jake said of Ali Fedotowsky: "That night, when she left, she was ahead of all the other women."

"I can't tell you if she was going to be The One, but, that night, if somebody had said, 'Gun's to your head. Pick a girl,' it would have been her," the pilot added.

Ready For Takeoff

But, despite her not-at-all staged plea to return to the show approximately 12 minutes later, "we had a long way to go and I forced myself to close that book."

He says he did not invite Ali back when she requested to because he had already moved forward with the three remaining women. Not even a full episode later.

"The transitions from hometowns to exotics, that's where you really start to get intimate with them, and I'd already done that with all three of the women," he said.

Translation: He was getting so much tail in the fantasy suite on last week's episode that it wasn't fair to the other girls he was naked with at the time she called.

It is truly astonishing just how much natural drama and spontaneous plot twists occur absolutely unscripted on The Bachelor. What are the chances of all this?

Career girl Ali has to leave the show for her job ... even though she presumably took time off to go on the show in the first place. All of a sudden it's an issue?

Ali and Ellen

Then - what are the odds - when she returns to her hectic life at home, there's a camera crew there to catch it all and she immediately regrets her decision.

Ali can't even bear to go on ... you can always get a great job, but you can't always find love on a reality TV show with a complete stiff like Jake Pavelka!

She's filled with "anxiety" and "can't focus on work." It's tough, finding the work-life balance. As is scheduling time for all the talk show interviews she's done.

Anyway. Should Ali be the new star of The Bachelorette?


She leaves her job just to be on the show, so if any of you are too judgmental to Ali, look in the mirror, it's like you are like the one you are talking about. And Ali is just mean to Vienna because Vienna is so full of herself, isn't it obvious? She kept interrupting everyone in the show just to get notice, and of course, they are in a competition and everyone should put their best foot forward that's why every chances seen just to be in Jake they would grab it, but Vienna? All the time she wants to talk about herself. Ali is not mean she is just TRUE, see? Vienna and Jake did not work out, Ali is right after all.


I kinda really dislike Ali. She is a trash talker that is a Drama Queen with a capital Q. She wanted every single episode about her. She really gets under my skin. I was so glad she was gone and now she get her own show. YUCK! She has a nice body but that nose is, well lets say not attractive to me.I think her personality ruined it for me. Funny how she couldn't make two more episodes because of work yet now she can take another whole searson off with no problem. I call BS...


Ali was the smartest girl of the final 4 and maybe of all 25. No other girl was forced to make the choice she was forced to make. She said if she was the only girl, it would bve a easy decision. All Jake had to do was say, "Stay", and I believe she would have. He didn't so she left. It may have been the best decision for her, considering the information she had. Alternatively, Jake could have played things out, chosen to give noone a ring and gone to go get her. Am I wrong here? A guy's opinion.


Gia may be a swimsuit model, but she is much more sincere and kind-hearted compared to Ali. I agree that Ali should not be rewarded for leaving the show by becoming the next Bachelorette. If she does, will she leave in the middle of the show saying "Oops, sorry. I have to return to work". Gia, not Ali should become the next Bachelorette.


I agree with Elizabeth. Ali was so mean to Vienna and NOW she is apologizing to her on the "Women Tell All". Ali tried to pull an Ed. If you ask me, I think it's a load of crap! My prediction: Jake picks no one in the end and Tenley is the next Bachlorette. Or at least that is what I am hoping for:o)


pls. find someone else. i dont think ali is the right one, she is b***h. if you guys in the bachelor pursue ali to be the next bachelorette then im done watching your show. its sucks!


I wouldn't think it's fair at all for her to voluntarily leave, saying she can't take time off for "The Bachelor", and then reappear as "The Bachelorette". Plus, her interactions with Vienna were just plain mean -- why should any of this be rewarded with her own season?


If she couldn't take the time off to finish this show, how could she possibly take the time to be the bachelorette? The whole aspect of how it became an issue after several episodes with only a couple left to go is a bit suspicious. Smells a bit like a ratings boost maneuver to me.


Ali is cute, but that is it. Someone new please!!!


If Ali becomes the next Bachelorette, I will refuse to watch this show ever again! How much longer do we have to be subjected to rejects from other seasons. I mean Brad dumps Deanna, Deanna dumps Jason, Jason dumps Jillian, Jillian dumps Jake...and now Jake dumps Ali?!?!?!? Enough is enough!!! The show needs some new blood!!!

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