Audrina Patridge Stalker Arrested ... at Her House

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This is pretty messed up.

The guy Audrina Patridge got a permanent restraining order against for stalking her last year was arrested Friday for doing so again ... at her house.

Audrina: MTV Host

Someone inside The Hills star's house called 911 after Zachary Loring allegedly started pounding on her front door and kept ringing the doorbell. Scary.

Audrina Patridge was, in fact, home at the time of the incident, and Loring was in possession of a large knife when he was arrested. Even scarier.

Audrina Patridge has had trouble with this guy before.

Police showed up and arrested Zachary Loring, who was booked for felony stalking and misdemeanor vandalism and being held on $160,000 bail.

Back in September, Audrina claimed Loring kept showing up and giving her creepy poems and drawings, including one of a woman being hanged.

Dude, get a life. And some dating advice. That's not the way to make her love you. When like roses and chocolate, not knives and death drawings.


Ohhhhh my goodness I knew she was being stalked but I didn't know the guy was that crazy! Poor audrina! I agree with jackie 110 percent keep him locked up!


I am surprized to hear this news bc that guy Zac is a sick person ,he needs help And Audrina Patridge is in danger if he gets out. She is loved by everyone here in OC And N.Y. we love Audrina so much!!!! We cant believe he is being underestimated...LAPD KEEP HIM LOCKED UP!

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