Ali Fedotowsky: Returning to The Bachelor?

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Will Ali Fedotowsky return to The Bachelor after her dramatic, not-at-all-staged exit on Monday's "shocking" episode? All signs obviously point to a contrived yes.

Ali, a 25-year-old advertising account manager with Facebook in San Francisco, Ca., abruptly left at the end of this week's Bachelor episode to return to her position.

After Fedotowsky's boss gave her an ultimatum - quit the show or lose your job - Bachelor star Jake Pavelka wouldn't "guarantee" he'd give her the final rose.

So Ali up and left ... but for how long?!?

"We haven't seen or heard the last from Ali," host / pimp Chris Harrison says. "I think everyone saw that it was unresolved when she left. You could tell that they both definitely were falling in love with each other, if not already."

"Tey're definitely not done talking about this with each other."

Ali Fedotowsky and Jake Pavelka

SO SAD: Chris says Jake "has strong feelings" for Ali Fedotowsky.

"Jake said it was tough to watch her leave again last night," Harrison recalled. "I asked if he considered promising Ali that she was the one so she would stay, and Jake said, 'Well, she wasn't the one. She was one of the front runners.'"

"He said she needed to decide on her own and he didn't want to be desperate and beg, but he really didn't want her to go," and Ali certainly struggled with the choice.

"She loves her job and we tried to make it work, but in the end her boss said you've got to choose," he says. "Do you want to do the show or do you want your job?"

He adds that fans shouldn't give her a hard time: "You want to be the romantic, but you can't fault her for loving her career." Especially not in this economy, right?

That leaves Vienna Girardi, Tenley Molzahn and Gia Allemand fighting for Jake's final rose ... unless Ali makes a surprise return, as hinted in next week's preview.

Who should Jake Pavelka choose on The Bachelor?


Word in SanFran is that ABC is testing the romantic waters with Ali Fedotowsky and Reid Rosenthal (DeAnna's season). The network is currently in talks with Reid about returning to The Bachelorette as a contestant for Fedotowsky's heart. It's rumored that network execs firmly believe that a Rosenthal/Fedotowsky match would be ideal.


jake pavelka needs to stay single, and go find Ali. they are such a great match together, and she would be a wife for jake. please jake don't pick Vienna or Tenly.


Ali was my favorite when she stepped out of the limo the first night, she just seems the most natural of all the gals. But she was on Ellen yesterday and when asked about being the next Bachelorette she said she'd be honored, so I doubt we're going to have any last minute surprises. I was hoping even though Jake didn't invite her back this week,she'd show up at the Final and he'd pick her. We all know he's made his choice but too bad if it's really Vienna...


Ugh! Just reading this and the comments make me really happy I stopped watching The Bachelor. I had enough of it after Jason dumped Melissa on After the Final Rose and then the needy one gave him a second chance. After that, I stopped watching the show. These women sound like the freakiest ever though. All I do is read the blogs and comments and it's as if I were there, without wasting 2 hours of my life on Monday nights. Enjoy!


I would never let an employer dictate my personal life like that. She must have asked for an approved leave of absence. This is 20120, has he/she heard of telecommuting? She could probably sue if he fired her.


Ali and is the girl for Jake. Vienna is trashy and is far too close to her DADDY. They have a very strange and not normal relationshop. Jake stay away from her. Pick Ali!


If Jake picks, Vienna after her father came into the room while they were just talking on the bed and said stay 18 inches away....and her deal when she was on the double date and jumped in bed with Jake. He is one messed up Pilot if he picks Vienna.......lots of great Flight Attendants for sure.... Ali all the way, Tenley too giddy and Gia, time to go back, too insecure......


Ali really needs to go fright for jake and get him back because i wanna ali to win and not another other girl on that show just go back and get him ali he is yours


I definitely agree with some of the other comments on here; Ali was my favorite, since the beginning. I just feel like Gia is way too high maintenence for him, but its obvious that Tenley is not over her ex-husband. She compares EVERYTHING to her ex-husband, and she's a sweet girl, but really needs to move on. Vienna has got to go! She is trashy and annoying, she's just awful. Ali needs to return to the show and then her and jake need to get engaged. its obvious that they have a connection and are perfect for eachother in every way!!!


I agree with some of the other comments.Vienna needs to go,I do not believe that is the girl for Jake. My wish is that Ali would come back I just believe that is his mate.

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