Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron: Moving In Together?

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Exciting, unconfirmed Zanessa news out of the tabloid world this morning:

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron may soon become roommates!

A source told the print edition of In Touch Weekly that things keep getting better between this pair, as Hudgens wants to spend as much time with her man as possible.

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron
Zanessa Sighted

“When Vanessa was apart from Zac while filming her upcoming movies Beastly and Sucker Punch, she realized how much she missed him and loved being around him all the time," the insider said. "When she got back to LA, she told him she wanted them to move in together."

Referring to the adorable pair as “as young, but very serious about each other," the friend adds that house hunting may soon commence.

Last week, in a similar move, Liam Hemsworth reportedly moved in with Miley Cyrus (and her parents). We'd like to send both these couples best wishes. May you never fight about dirty dishes in the sink!


the next brangelina? yeah! zssanea looks really cute..i love vanessa and zac is so hot! their pics in hawaii is just sooooo cute! thanks for posting this! :)




i like to gossip about salebertes and i love zac efron


Ohhhh......I really really wish this is TRUE!!!!
I knew it dat they r meant to B together...


U look gud 2gether,omg i think i love the both of.hope u get married,people will try to seprate u,like in HSM,so u better dnt give in.


what up folks???? ithin kthat they make a good couple makeout pics anybody, anybody?????????? LAUGH OUT LOUD geeze guys get a grip of yourselfs here. Nobody's going to jail tonight lossserrrs.


i hope its true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!go zanessa


they suh a good couple they should get married!!


I LOVE Zac and Vanessa sooo much!!!!! They were really good in HSM, in all of the HSMs'!!!!! If u guys get married i will be sure to be there or a least try but please dont let the cops or whatever u call 'em take me away lolzz!!!!! =) LOVE YOU GUYS 4 EVER AND EVER


Wow , I'm so praud of the two of them , They been together in such a long time now. Good thing they are going to move together so they can learn before they get married lol Love u guys so much.

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