TV Rumor of the Day: Adam Lambert on Glee!

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We were always taught that if something sounds too good to be true, it is likely false.

We were also taught that The National Enquirer is an unreliable source for entertainment news.

Therefore, we're trying hard not to hyperventilate over the latest rumor regarding Adam Lambert: the tabloid reports he's booked to guest star on Glee.

Glee Bound?

Sources supposedly say the singer will appear on the Fox hit in April, taking on the role of a character that helps Kurt (Glee cast member Chris Colfer) come out of the closet.

Loyal viewers know Kurt pretty much already did that this season. Plus, they need to consider the Enquirer's reputation before getting too excited.

Still, Adam Lambert on Glee?!? It's impossible not to do a little dance over that mere possibility.

In other TV appearance news, the star is almost definitely scheduled to take over an Oprah Winfrey episode later this year. Yes!

** UPDATE: Soon after talk of this casting news spread, Lambert shot it down via Twitter. Oh well. Not unexpected.

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Still hopin' so.


Adam is sooo for true blood,that would be sooo fu*king HOT,I can see him like a sexy vampire,hell yeah^_^


I would love to see Adam on Glee, but not as a mentor to Kurt. Something more exciting needs to be thought up. Even if it some kind of dream sequence episode. I just don't want Adam to be sterotyped in anyway. I would love to see him on 'Fringe' first.


I am still hoping that Glee will ask Adam to be on their show. I will watch it if he is on there, but otherwise I won't care about watching it.


Augh! I so would have loved to watch him on Glee! He'd be perfect for it! Not to mention the ratings aways go up on any show he appears on. Just look at Chelsea Lately whose late night talk show jumped 1 million viewers for his appearance. Glee would be crazy not to have him on.


Glee would be very cool - tho I'm SURE they can come up with a better story line - that's lame. I'd for SURE love to see Adam on True Blood tho!! Oh MY! That would be SO HOT! And no, he doesn't need acting lessons LOL


Darn - that would have been so cool! However, Adam also tweeted he would like to be on True Blood - that would be sooo sexy.


Not true! Straight from the Rock God's mouth (or Twitter):
Glee guest star rumor: it's a rumor. Sorry guys.
about 8 hours ago from Echofon Too bad...that would have been awesome!!!