Oprah Winfrey to Dedicate "Once-in-a-Lifetime" Show to Adam Lambert

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It sounds very much like Oprah Winfrey is preparing a show entirely dedicated to Adam Lambert.

Sorry, in Oprah-speak, we mean to say: It sounds very much like Oprah Winfrey is preparing a show entirely dedicated to Adam LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAmbert!

On the talk show host's website this week, a message has been posted that reads:

 Calling ALL Adam Lambert Fans!!! Did you vote for him as many times as you could? Were you holding your breath when the new American Idol was announced, hoping and praying it would be HIM?

If you are a HUGE fan of Adam Lambert's, email us now and tell us why you want to be in the audience for this once-in-a-lifetime show.

A Constant Interviewer
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The Big A might soon sit down with The Big O. We can't wait.

In October, the former American Idol finalist was interviewed by Winfrey for an episode about reality TV stars. Shen then invited him back to perform after his CD was released.

Sounds like that was more than a hollow invitation. Will you tune in for an all-Adam Lambert installment of the gabfest?



I will sure be there, voted a million times and was crushed at the results. Adam just had to learn how to be a big star...and got carried away. Good for Oprah to see beyond the controversy and have his incredible voice and talent combined on a show with Susan Boyle. It will be an awesome event and tivo is set.


Please have Adam sing some of his best from American Idol Please Please Please. Those are some of the songs that made us love him. Even though his own new songs are fine he needs to go back and sing the songs that will capture all of us again.


Please lets thank Oprah for having Adam on her show....Why don't everyone forget the word gay and realize he is a human being with an incredible voice, who went to far his first time out, but that is old news and he learned his lesson..he was new to t.v. now I hope he realizes his amazing God given talent...quit bashing him...I know he will use women in his videos, this is entertainment.......


wonder how high adams numbers would go if he sang songs that we have heard a lot like Susan Boyle did...She did not write any songs...but she is a great singer, also....put her with songs we don't know and she will not have that high a number on the charts...Adam will make his, you watch and see.....Go Adam and Oprah Thanks for having him on the show....I don't care to see gaga or Susan but I love Adam...


Most certainly I will watch Adam on Oprah....I love his demeanor when he talks and his voice is amazing...we need a new star, with his talent.and we got one (ADAM)..it has been so long...not since Elvis or Michael, has there been such a bright singing star.....Thanks Oprah for having him on the show.....


Hell yes, that I will watch Adam on Oprah! I PVR it and will watch more again. Love Adam to death and I love Oprah. Admire them both. Adam is the most amazing talent in the world. He has great personality to go with it.
To judge someone after one performance just shows how limited people minds are.
Can't wait to see Adam again! It will be most rated Oprah ever.


@Reality: Of course you realize that ADAM's album consists of all Original music ... no COVERS of recognizable songs .... some of which he co-wrote with some of the best in the business ... Rob Cavallo ... Max Martin ... Justin Hawkins ... just to name a few. Also worldwide distribution of his album has not yet been completed ... some releases are due in March in UK & Japan .... so don't count ADAM out just yet!!!!


@lynn marie: RockStar Weekly is featuring a fan magazine that is all about ADAM through the eyes of his fans. The first pressing was sold out but I believe you can still pre-order through their online site: RockStarWeeklydotcom ..... Good Luck!


adam is a fantastic artist.... i saw it in the beginning... and was so totally blown away when he lost AI... But he'll do just great!!! He's also a very good business man..... he seems to know how to market himself very well.. thank God.. I too watch anything and everything that Adam is on... The only thing I'm having a hard time getting,, are good close up photos of Adam..!!! I wish he would have a Magazine about just him ... all photos and write ups... i'm a portrait artist and would love to do a collage of him... lynn marie

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