Tiger Woods' Marriage: Definitely Not Over!

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Tiger Woods' scorned wife has not left him yet, according to new reports, and it looks like she may not do so anytime soon, if at all! Are he and Elin making it work?

The golfer's marriage is "definitely not over," a source says, and that's because he realized he was about to lose everything when his cheating ways were exposed.

Elin and Charlie Woods

After Elin Woods threatened to take their children away from him and move back to Sweden permanently, Tiger fought to stop her - and he has, at least for now.

"Elin could have filed for divorce already but she hasn't," the source added.

"Of course, she has not indicated definitively that she planning on staying with Tiger, but what's happening now is crucially important."

What's happening now is Tiger is in sex addiction rehab in Mississippi.

The Woods' troubles are well-documented, but they're working it out!

While Elin is no longer wearing her wedding ring, she's canceled plans to file divorce papers after Tiger pleaded that he would do what it takes to make things work.

The threat of Elin taking their two young children and moving back to Sweden went a long way to convincing Tiger to go to rehab, where Elin has not been yet.

She may visit him there as part of his rehabilitation process, however. Tiger's program calls for her to spend seven full days of counseling with him in the facility.

After Tiger's affair with Rachel Uchitel was outed by the National Enquirer, he was linked to at least a dozen mistresses and his secret double life was exposed.

The question is whether he can rebound, and whether Elin will give him the chance. Do you think sex addiction rehab will work for him? Tell us:


Tiger did not kill himself because he is not such a loser as he think he is. Why would you do that to your self when you get hooked into such a situation? Well then, Tiger has better emotional strength than you are.
I could not imagine what type of family you are saying words as negative like that. Instead of wishin well and praying for their recovery you are sayings such a negative word. God talk to your heart and soul so you will become a better person than who you are now.


Oops I made a mistake. In the last sentence I meant HASN'T killed himself.


Whether we like it or not Elin's not going anywhere. At least not now. She has to much to lose out on. Just another gold digger. I'm glad we finally found out about that perrrrrrrfect ass Tiger. I'm surprised he has killed himself.


I think Tiger deserves one more chance but...don't blow it second time Tiger!!!


In sickness and in health they said they will go through that together. It is true there is no one out there who is perfect. I believe divorce is definately not the answer. Easy to say but try and forgive your husband and build a new trust in him. It is obvious they love each other although the husband made really seriously stupid mistakes. He would be more than a fool to do this again. Those who say divorce him have probably never properly loved before or they just want to push the situation futher wrong and tommorow they will be saying Elin wanted money only or you will getpsychopaths waiting to abuse you and your money.Stay with your man!


One commentator above said "it needs far more courage and guts for Elin to take a staying in marriage path than to divorce.."... I agreed... However, I felt the "pain" on Tiger is also intense when he had to fight against sex addiction temptation/relapse and remembering his wonderful wife and kids not losing them ...It needs lots of love from Tiger as well especially (bear in mind lots of women will approach him for their opportunity to fame and money)....Wife and kids are top motivators for Tiger to get himself off from sex addiction ... I do hope he get the support from his wife in his difficult journey... I really think if Elin divorced him, it will be hard for him to find the incentive to steer away from sex addiction because for an unmarried man, what's the problems with having consented sex with many women.. Well, I am not encouraging that men to have sex with many women, but seriously, if he is unmarried, consented sex is no big deal in today vocabulary.


Regarding your point " I told people since the start that she was not going anywhwre. This is just drama on her part. "....interesting thought.... What clue made you think Elin won't go anywhere and just drama on her ? Is it you thought Elin was crazily in love for Tiger that she would stay no matter or what... Or she was staying for more money.... But the latter didn't sound logical because she would for sure be a wealthy woman with divorce as well..


Perfect!!! :) Elin now has Tiger by the "balls" Go girl......


Mistake! Sadly, she most likely will find herself in this situation again after the smoke clears, he saves his rep....and he feels comfy again--back to his cheating ways he will go. Been there, dealt with that toooooo many times. Get out from the beginning....these cheaters have serious character flaws and all the counseling in the world cannot give them character.


I told people since the start that she was not going anywhwre. This is just drama on her part. But if she hit him with the golf club she needs therapy and anger management before she kills him next time. Jail is no joke Elin.

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