Elin Woods: Running Off with the Kids?

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While Tiger Woods struggles to repair his reputation, and more importantly his life, the intentions of his beleaguered wife, Elin Nordegren, are anyone's guess.

A new report today suggests that Elin is planning on running away to her Swedish homeland for good - and she wants to take the couple's two kids with her.

Fight For the Kids

Tiger recently headed to the Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services in Hattiesburg, Miss. Woods, as we know, is being treated for sex addiction.

Elin has not been seen at or near the rehab facility.

Instead, sources say she has been plotting her escape from the Florida home she has been sharing with her cheating husband since their 2004 wedding.

Of course, reports that Elin Nordegren is in Sweden with the kids may be accurate in that she's there, but not in that she's planning never to return.

Have we seen the last of Tiger Woods' family as we knew it?

“She’s reminded daily of the havoc he’s wreaked on her and her children's lives, which is why she’s planning on staying in Sweden full-time," a source said.

"She wants to be near her family,” explains an insider. “Tiger has tried to reach her, but Elin won’t take his calls.” We're not so sure we're buying this report.

Ever since we first heard rumblings of Tiger Woods in rehab, it was part of a greater narrative: He'd undergo treatment and counseling to save the marriage.

According to a source with knowledge of the program he's in, Elin may well make an appearance there as part of Woods' rehabilitation and recovery effort.

Lastly, she hasn't divorced him yet. Wouldn't she have done so already if she planned to, given that the dude slept with 679 waitresses? It doesn't add up.

What do you think? Will sex rehab save Tiger's marriage?


I just hope that they will both start anew and take care of their kids. Work on the things that have weaken their marriage and make it more colorful than ever before.
Hope they will also listen to their kids now, if they can speak to them, they will just say please forgive Dad Mom and Dad please do not do it again and take care of Mom's heart. NO ANNA NICOLE SMITH kids again. I hope AMERICA NEVER FORGET what happened to Daniel and also baby Danielyn was supposed to be taken by a man who claimed to be his DAd. It is lonely on top. Let us not push to make four more people lonelier because media becomes successful in breaking their marriage. They still have a chance. God be with the WOods family and all those who are into this similar situation.


This is a very interesting couple...looking like both still love each other...However, it looks to me Elin has high EQ (mature, clear-headed, emotionally healthy, good at people) but Tiger has low EQ (did things without considering consequence, emotionally not healthy)... To be a good father and husband, Tiger needs also to be a better person... I think basically Tiger loves his wife and 2 kids, but he needs to put an effort to improve on his EQ. With a wife of high EQ, I hope she can help to steer Tiger to the right direction in life.


OK, she's never *publicly* issued a bad word about him, ever, although he gave her every reason to do so! ;) Who do you think nursed him back to health when he busted his knee and could have been disabled for life!? Who bore his children and left her family & friends for HIS career dreams???... Elin is pretty amazing & inspiring. It's sad that she always looked so lit up and truly happy with him.


Women are more than breeders or sex toys and marriage is more than a neverending porno!!! A woman would never have been that hurt and that devoted (did you see her for hours at every golf tournament? She doesn't even like golf, compared to skiing! And she never has said a bad word about him, ever or ever put aside his kids!) if she didn't love him physically and otherwise...


She's a gold digging whore who got the ring on her finger and decided Tiger wasn't going to get anymore sex, so he went elsewhere. He's at fault big time but so is she. He needs to find a woman who will uphold her marriage vows and have sex with her husband. If women spent more time giving their husbands sex and less time spending their money we'd have fewer divorces, but so many do the old bait and switch. I believe this is what she did.


Tiger Wood seemed to have taken Elin Nordegren and his family for granted.He was showing her and the children in public to promote an image of a decent family man while living a sinful life in private. Elin loved, respected and trusted Tiger. She has been betrayed, deceived, disrespected and humiliated by her husband in front of the entire world. Elin’s suffering has been evident but she has remained strong for her children’s sake. It is time to move on. Healing may take time but it is possible.


Pls give the Woods family a break ! These e-rumours are ridiculously bombarding the world each one more negative than the others in order to see an end to Tiger's marriage and family...The recent e-rumours can varied to (a) Tiger offered a shut-up-and-stay deal to Elin (b) Elin wanted a divorce with even the custody of the 3 dogs (c)this e-rumour citing that Elin will go for Sweden for good together with the 2 kids (d) the old new..while certainly c/f with the old e-rumours of Elin had hired a divorce lawyer and a PI as well as still no divorce had been filed yet from Elin nor Tiger.... Did the tabloid/media has no other news to work on that they will need to work the news of Tiger/Elin to "death" ? Pls have a good heart...Pls take a look at above family photo of the Woods family (couple, 2 kids and 2 dogs) and give them the due privacy and time to recover and move along with whatever decision they work out together without the pressure from tabloid/media...

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