Jon Gosselin Dating Chick Named Morgan

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Fresh off a much-publicized apartment ransacking by Hailey Glassman, Jon Gosselin is back to doing what he does best - chasing skirts - once again.

According to reports, the officially divorced King of the D-bags already has a secret new girlfriend - a 25-year-old cutie known only as Morgan.

"Jon met Morgan over Thanksgiving while snowboarding in Utah. They've been inseparable," said a source. "They talk and text throughout the day."

"Morgan flew to New York right after Christmas to be with him. Jon is so into Morgan that he is thinking about moving to Utah to be closer to her."

Still, Jon, who's at odds with ex Hailey, and whose split from Kate (who just debuted new hair extensions) was just finalized, is trying to take it slow.

Yeah, sure he is. Because that's just how he rolls ...

"Jon adores Morgan and is trying to keep her out of the spotlight while he tries to figure out his life," said the insider, talking out of his/her a$$.

Might Morgan have played a role, indirectly, in Hailey trashing Jon's apartment? According to a source, Morgan had flown to NYC to be with Jon.

But, after finding his place had been ransacked, "he immediately drove to Pennsylvania with Morgan, and they crashed at a hotel in Reading."

"Later, they went back so Jon could figure out the apartment situation. Morgan helped keep him calm, and he was thankful to have her there."

Morgan, an attractive brunette, is a ray of sunshine in the 32-year-old father of eight's otherwise messed up life, according to alleged friends.

"Jon is going through a really rough time," said the source close to him. "He and Morgan are becoming very close, but he's being really cautious."

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Jon, you should be taking this time to spend with your children. I know that one of your daughters, Cara, loved snowboarding with you in Utah. Please spend more time with them and stop worrying about having a girlfriend every minute. Your children are so much more important than girlfriends. They need to know that. By you spending all this time with girlfriends and not them, you are putting them in second place.


This guy makes me sick


i am so sorry that jon did that to u have a good life and forget that it ever happend i an so sorry he is just a stuped jerk and tel your kids i said hi i love your show i am really really sorry i would kill her if my dad did that to my mom and my dad buy and live a good life


Ughhh, photoshop fail. Look at the fingers. NICE TRY, ENQUIRER.


after being married to that Bitch probably anyone would be better.


I have a question for all the men who read this article...Would you live with Kate and take the verbal abuse she gave him? I don't think a man would let a woman boss him to the extent she did. Also, just because she got her new fake hair do means nothing.Seh needs new a attitude!She is to blame as much as Jon. He lets his affairs out into the public she hides hers just like she did the money.She is a boss over everything...........don't let her fool you she has control over everything>>> name it> I don't see any man putting up with what Joh did. she is trying her best to be in the spotlight too!


I wish that Jon would leave all women alone at this time. He should move back to PA to be close to his children , surround himself with real friends and loving family members.A new girlfriend will only confuse everything.He needs to get his head on straight, maybe go to some form of counseling to figure out the future, and become the Father he was before his life got so screwed up.I for one wish him well and you nasty posters( and you know who you are)until you all become so perfect wish this family and Jon Gosselin a happy 2010!!!!!


His fingers are not missing. It's a super poor photo. Fast and far!


John has learned to like the good life. Now he looks for youth, nievete' AND$$$$$$$$$ MONEY. Any skirt will do, but real money is best. He is not known to really work, and he NEEDS money. He has done little except baby sit in over five years. I would guess he can't get a job at a conveniance store.

Avatar right tracy..that is the worse photoshopped picture..I could do better than that..When did he have one of his fingers cut off and their noses are shadowed the wrong way..OMG

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