Jon Gosselin Meets Morgan Christie's Family

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Jon Gosselin has reportedly met the mother of his new girlfriend, Morgan Christie. Amazingly, he and Morgan are still dating after the encounter took place!

The undisputed titleholder of King of All Douchebags was spotted having dinner Sunday with new gal Morgan and members of her family in Park City, Utah.

"Based on body language, it seemed like they had met before," an onlooker said. "It was really quiet at their table; the mom was doing most of the talking."

One thing she probably said: My daughter is dating Jon Gosselin?!

Also at the table for six? The sister of Morgan Christie. No word on whether Jon tried to slip her a phone number or suggested any girl-on-girl action later.

King of All Douchebags

Dressed casually in a T-shirt and blazer, the loser remained low-key, doing little talking with his new girlfriend or her family the nearly three-hour meal.

"I was sensing some nervousness," said an observer. "Jon and Morgan came in first and sat in the bar for about 15 minutes until her family got there."

"When they were walked over to their table, Jon Gosselin was carrying a drink in each hand. Then at dinner they all drank a few bottles of wine."

Sounds about right, source. Not one to go turn down any form of publicity, Gosselin took photos with several fans after he finished his meal.

Yes, apparently Jon has "fans."

Morgan Christie, a native of Greenwich, Conn., who met Jon skiing in Utah last year, graduated from Connecticut's Loomis Chaffee School in 2003.

Their alumni association must be so proud.


Sorry Fred, but you're sooo wrong! Jon is a washed up wannabe loser who was a lazy whining child when he was married to Kate. She covered for him but he just couldn't stand having to act like an adult instead of the childish idiot he always was!His little hissy fit blew up in his face. Only a fool would act like this Dufus has. He is finally getting exactly what he deserves..NADA! Hope he ends up living in a box in an alley & begging for change on the streets of NYC!


For a guy who's supposed to be head over heels with Hailey, he sure dumped her quick. And now he has a new mediaho wannabe only a few weeks later. How shallow can you get? Jon Gosselin, I dare you to stand on your own two feet. I know you can't do it. You're incapable of doing anything without the direction of a need someone to tell you what to do, and to blame if things don't turn out right. Your kids would be better off if you dropped out of sight and never visited them again. Then they wouldn't have to deal with your messy baggage, and could move on and live a happy life.


First of all does anyone remember what a b!t@h Kate was all the time on the show? If I had a woman yelling at me like that all the time I would want out as well. As far as the cheating and hooking up with girls.... Believe it or not but this is how quite a few guys deal with breakups, they are just not in the public spotlight like this guy is.


First of all, knowing what this guy has done and who he is as a person, why would any woman even WANT to consider being with him??? Just looking at him makes me want to take a shower, ewwwwww. I just don't understand how this guy is a great catch. I think the girls that get involved with him are the ones who are confused and see the fame by going out with him. So sad.


What is wrong with this girl's mother? She should tell her girl yo the other way. This guy is nothing but trouble. what with an ex-wife, 8 children to support, all his antics that led to his divorce and myriad of troubles, it is amazing that he can even find someone to be out in public with him. Obviously this girl has bucks or he would not be sniffing around. What an overt douce-bag. He sickens me, and it seems like a lot of other people as well.


He is so gross and he really failed his kids. Deadbeat Dad! No one likes him anymore, every site, the comments are all negative. Jon Gosselin is a joke. He is just going to use yet another woman, ride her coat tails, cheat on her, then pull his same victim crap and continue his man child ways. He does not deserve those 8 kids. Horrible Dad.


Yo9u're right.this man is the root of all evil because he left a soul destroying harpie who should have a stake driven through her evil heart,and is actually getting laid nowadays without wanting to slit his wrists afterward.

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