Rihanna: W Magazine Cover Girl

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In February 2009, Rihanna reluctantly posed for a less then glamorous photo shoot down at the Los Angeles police station. She could barely open her eyes at the time.

What a difference a year makes.

Her relationship with Chris Brown is a thing of the past, she's got a new album out and climbing the charts, and RiRi is flat-out sizzling on the cover of W Magazine.

Matt Kemp is one lucky fella ...

  • Rihanna W Cover
  • Black and W

Of her new album, Rated R, she says it's fittingly titled.

"This was a different type of record for me. It was really personal; it was from me in the most authentic way. It’s like a movie, hence the title," Rihanna explains.

"When I was making this album, every day I was in a different mood. Sometimes I was pissed off, sometimes miserable. Every song brings out a different story.”

As with many Rihanna pictures we've come across lately, she looks pissed off, a little miserable and quite outrageous ... but hot! Click to enlarge ...

  • Tough as Nails
  • R and B Star
  • RiRi Topless
  • RiRi in W
  • Topless Rihanna
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whoever talking bad about riri u most not been in love before? go yet in think about it? she try her best to control herself love riri.


wat I could said live riri alone get it life. go talk about somoene else damn. love u rihanna keep ur heard up


Discard the idea that the entire field teu was related to Chris Brown because he is ....


sometimes you guys need to just shut the hell up and get on with you damn life. if u aint like stop just go on another site and read about someone else and stop commenting fools.




omg the pictures are lame, rihanna's lame and her album is lame. I love the old Rihanna with her albums full of awesome dance music and botty moving beats. but know i reackon she just boring and trying to be edgy when she just looks like a fag. I miss her georgous long dark hair and the way she actually wore proper clothes. i know shes being through a terrible ordeal but come RiRi go back to the way you used to be. please.


Wat she did 2 hm? Child ur deluded. Lmfao!


well all i got to say is that rihanna wrong for what she did to chris brown but he still my husband and that was wrong what you did and nobody that like chris brown probably not going to forgive you for that thats all folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!