Presenting: The Kendra Wilkinson Baby Album

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For Kendra Wilkinson, speaking to reporters from her hospital room the day she gave birth wasn't enough.

Neither was posing on the cover of a tabloid and focusing on her diet as much as her newborn baby.

The reality TV star and former Playmate had to continue cashing in on motherhood by plastering photos of herself, her son and her husband all over the latest issue of OK! Weekly.

Hugh Hefner's one-tie sex toy spoke to the magazine about her new life and the man at the center of it. A few excerpts follow:

On Hank Baskett:"Hank is the man. He makes sure we're taken care of, and he gives us so much love. He's perfect."

On holding her son for the first time: "I started crying. I was like, 'Oh my God, it's the happiest day of my life!' I was just in heaven."

On changes to her world: “A whole new life just started for u. I’m still going to be me, though. I’m at a place now where I can have fun but not go overboard. I’m a lot more responsible now. I’m a mom!”

Baby and a Weight

congrats with da baby kendra&Hank he is sexy handsome like his daddy lol wish you da best kendra people dont believe if you go back you never go back and black is beautiful the proof is there hurry up for baby 2 please got it go kendra go kendra hahaha i like that one..take care


Im so happy that Kendra has finnaly grown up and settled with hank. they make a really cute couple and their baby is also so adorable. However, the way shes going on about her post baby body sucks. i mean, what did she expect? Daaaah!!!!


Kendra i just want to start out by saying im a north carolina girl....WHOOOO i watch your show on tv 24/7 and i think that you are so hott!! i wish i could be like you..congrats and your new love and hope that you have a great time with it all PS: who ever is sharonV is i wouldnt go that far with the whole balck and white thing i love it but white babies and eveil...?? umm get a grip shug


Kendra dont stud the haters. My children are 14,9,& 6, and they are bi-racial white and black. First of all it takes a baby a little while to get there color. Hank is mixed hisself so therefore you alls baby will not be that dark. Dont let the haters get ya down. They are jealous because you are a beautiful woman and cant have what you have. I think yalls family is beautiful and cant wait to watch your show if i can find what nite it comes on lol.Any ways good luck to you and your family!!!


Anytime you mix with BLACK your babies come out BEAUTIFUL. When you mix with black your baby has a head full of beautiful hair, tan skin, and pretty eyes. White babies are always pale, bald, and evil looking. Sorry but its true!


Kendra ranks right there in the top of Mothers. I am so proud of her. If every Mother only loved her baby(s) as much as Kendra's love shines for Hank 1V, the world would be a much more loving and caring place to live and raise a child. Thanks Kendra and Hank for the wonderful example!


Hank is half white so thats why the baby looks so light


Kemdra's baby is so adorable! I would like to take this time to send my congrats out to her and her boyfriend for their wonderful blessing! May he be as healthy and as beautiful as his parents are!

Avatar it just me or should that baby be darker?LOL, I mean, He doesnt even look like he could be Hank's baby (skin color wise that is). And it's not like Kendra is the most innocent well mannered girl. I have always been disgusted by her and thought she was the biggest trash bag. I don't know, if I was Hank I would do a DNA test pronto. Marriage or not, this girl has no morals and will always and forever be known as a playboy hoe bag. Getting married and having a baby doesnt all of a sudden make you a saint.


I didn't really like Kendra when I would secretly watch her show with Hef but she sure has changed. It seems like being with Hank has helped her grow up. They seem very real and very happy together. I wish them all the best. They seem to make beautiful couple on the inside as well as the outside!

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