Miley Cyrus' Fashion: Hot or A Hot Mess?

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Miley Cyrus is growing up.

The singer/actresss will soon depart Hannah Montana; she's moving in with her boyfriend; and she apparently just started dressing herself.

While the first two items listed may not be a problem, Miley clearly needs help with her wardrobe. Paging mother Tish!

Cyrus stepped out in public this weekend in cowboy boots, torn jeans and a strange, shredded shirt. You'd think her Sex and the City 2 cameo would have taught the star something about fashion...

Total Mess
From the Backside


As notable, harsh critics of Miley Cyrus, we'll refrain from saying anything else and just leave it up to our readers.

What do you think of Miley's outfit?


Thank You Soo Much ! I wanted to do that hytsriale since I saw it but failed wen' I tried! And I wanted to ask u .. U know when u take pieces of section doesn't your hair get knotted up .. Mine does cuz in 1 hand wand and the other a section and the rest of it gets a bit jumbled up?!?!

Avatar name is ema.i like miley cyrus.what is your mess?ema


i love miley and thats no doubt.....but when i saw that pic i was like OMG MILEY DRESSES LIKE THAT NOW....i know shes grown up from hannah montana and stuff but i didnt know she would do this to herself would u dress like that in public????i know i wouldnt


shes gorgeous.. and i like what shes wearing

Maggie8987 first i thought it looked great on her, but thats before i saw the back.


Are You Kidding Everybody? At First I Liked The Look From The Front. but Thats Before I Saw The Back, It Looks Amazing! I Would Wear That Any day If I Had The Body For It! Is Gorgeous! Come On People! Open Your Eyes!


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en la foto no se ve bien pero en un video la vi y se veia genial, a mi en lo personal me encanto su polera y como se veia.


omg she is such a slut. is she only 17 no 17 year old wears that shit unless she wants something, and u all know what I mean.


nothing to do with the 'slut' aspect. the shirt from the back just ISN'T FASHIONABLE. who would want to go out looking like that?!

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