Lady Gaga Fashion: Fabulous or Failure?

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Is Lady Gaga's fashion sense over the top? Obviously.

But does it work fabulously or fail miserably? That's a question for you to decide, after you take a long look at her recent getup in the Gaga photo below.

"General" Larry Platt sings about pants on the ground ... but imagine what he would think of Lady Gaga walking around in public not wearing any at all!

Pants on the ground ... in the closet at home?

Then again, when you're a rumored hermaphrodite, music star and fashion icon, you can get away with no pants, a sport jacket and ... double shades?

Pants Nowhere to Be Seen

Lady Gaga's latest fashion foray is simply ...


pak31 seriously if you hate her so much stop commenting everything to do with her and go plot her assasination or something. I don't see how someone who wore a kermit the frog suit can't be considered original. Enough said.


She's annoying. She looks like an idiot. Someone really needs to tell her the whole Madonna thing, Gwen Stefani thing, etc. It's all been done before, she needs to be more original.


fuuuuuugly girls gotta get attention somehow...have you heard her latest is so bad, as in the "not good" bad

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