Chace Crawford to Play Jailbird on Family Guy

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Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford is known for his good looks, story lines in which he sleeps with anything that moves, and brooding silently a lot on the CW drama.

He'll be taking on a much different role Sunday on Family Guy.

Elizabeth Hurley, Chace Crawford

The 24-year-old's sexy voice will be used for Luke, Meg's jailbird boyfriend who she helps bust out of jail and naturally then attempts to hide at the Griffins' home.


Unfortunately, the cops bust Meg and she gets jailed herself. Chace Crawford may not be playing himself, but he did bring his Gossip Girl man-bangs and stubble ...

Will Chace Crawford actually emote in animated form? We'll find out!


Chace Crawford Biography

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Chace Crawford is the star of The CW's Gossip Girl, along with Leighton Meester and Blake Lively and others. Reportedly Chace Crawford... More »
Lubbock, Texas
Full Name
Christopher Chace Crawford

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Hey, if there’s a gay rumor, you know you’ve made it.

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The ideal, I think, when you're starting out, is something low-key, like playing the [Nintendo] Wii, ordering in pizza and then grabbing a beer.

Chace Crawford [on a perfect date]