Jennifer Aniston Gets Flirty with Gerard Butler!

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Sporting a gown that showed a lot of leg, Jennifer Aniston cozied up to fellow presenter Gerard Butler at last night's Golden Globe Awards, leaving fans wondering.

Aniston also seemed a little bit loopy during her onstage presentation. Was it butterflies? The alcohol they actually serve there? Or is she just smitten with Butler?

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Jen spent much of the evening chatting with Gerard, her co-star in The Bounty Hunter, due out in March. But he wasn't the only fella who caught our girl's eye.

The actress kicked off Friday night at a pre-Golden Globes party at the Buffalo Club in Santa Monica, where she ran into another rumored flame, Bradley Cooper.

Are Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler more than friends?

"Jen looked amazing in a short, black dress," says an observer last night. "She was also in a great mood, a social butterfly and mingled for almost three hours."

"Jen kept giggling like she always does with Gerard."

Aniston – all smiles and as bubbly as ever – spent quality time with Butler on Sunday night, too, as they attended the Golden Globes at the Beverly Hilton.

Could she be trying to make Angelina Jolie jealous? Or is she legitimately falling for Gerard? Or neither of the two? As always, it's anybody's guess with her.


How can you say she looks amazing. This bitch is ugly.Well maybe that is too strong.Plain Jane would be better.


Jen is having fun, and some people on here just don't like that fact?? Why is that?? What has she ever done personally to YOU?? I would love to have Jen as a friend, she seems loyal and fun. On the other hand, I wouldn't want to be friends with Angelina, unless I was single. I'd be too scared she'd sleep with my boyfriend or husband. I don't think she would be a loyal friend. She has no boundaries. She has even stated herself that fidelity is not important to a relationship. What does that tell you? What if everyone thought like her?.... I'd like to thank the billions of sane people out there that don't believe this. Jeez...If I thought for a minute that my mom felt this way, or actually said this to the press, I would be repulsed. I'm glad her kids are too young to understand this.


@ Sarah : Amen!!
@ chris and any Brangelunatic : Just shut all your fucking mouths and mind you own lives....well, if you ever had ones...
*SIGH* Why you guys were so irked when Jen is having good life and happy?'re SO pathetic!! every gossip about Jen being or doing great that has nothing to do with your oh-so-hot Brangelina, what you guys always did is telling her to move on...or insulting her, from her chin to her clothes...LOL...


they look cute together. I think if there's something between them, it's all good. I mean, she's way better with Gerard. and why do paparazzi always stick her name with Brad and Angelina? they have their own life now. so please don't disturb. it makes me feel sick. she's happy, beautiful, and has a bright career. so does Angelina. so they both good actress..


She is going to be used and dumped again just like Mayor did use and dumped her to marry someone else. She won't find rest until she comes out and says who really is at fault on the break up of her dull marriage with Brad... i can imagine how boring it would have been for Pitt while with her... Because it shows in all her are D-rated movies.Lame whore ass.


I can see this blog is full of Jennifer's Stan. Why would Jen make Jolie jealous? After all she divorced Brad Pitt just so she could be flirting with guys younger than herself,and would make Jolie jealous? ha!jolie is one of the most luckiest woman on earth! she is sexy,not rigid like Jen,not a sadist like Jen, and not a loser like Jen.Jen is surely regretting every breath of her wretched life.Hahahaha! Kerma is a bitch!


She looks beautiful! Butler looks fine! Looks like friends playing around. Jennifer has moved on too bad bragenlina's fan can't!


Isn't he known as a womaniser? Maybe he's come home/found true love with Jennifer. She 's such a fine lady and doesn't she look amazing?and he aswell!! A real woman and man! Not like that marrige breaker and skinny ugly bones Jolie and monkey face Brad! Eat your hearts out Jolie and Pitt! Losers!
I realy hope that Jennifer and Gerard are a couple and will be very, very and very long happy!!


if wish they were dating, they make a HOT HOT couple


they look so cute :)

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