Golden Globe Fashion Face-Off: Jennifer Aniston vs. Kate Hudson

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Golden Globes fashion, like the awards themselves, runs the gamut from the glamorous to the ridiculous. The style showdown below showcases a little of each.

On the right, we have Kate Hudson. The Nine star and alleged stage-five clinger looked statuesque and shapely in her gorgeous white dress last night. Yowza.

Minka Kelly Emmys Dress

On the left, we have Jennifer Aniston. She gets a yowza from us as well, but for a very different reason. Make that two reasons. Think Jen has some nice legs?

We can't wait until Wednesday, when Star reports that she picked out that dress just to play mind games with Angelina Jolie / show Brad Pitt what he's missing.

In the meantime, who do you think looked better? Vote below!

Who looked better at the Golden Globe Awards?


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I choose Jenifer Anniston. I prefer black or darker color than bright one. I think it's more elegant to wear darker color. And yeah, it's sexier for Jenifer.
Evening suits


@lola b are you really making fun of Kate Hudson because she has had a few boyfriends since her divorce from Chris, when the exact same thing can be said about Jennifer?!? I can understand that maybe you don't like Kate and you do like Jennifer but you making fun of Kate for the same things Jennifer does makes you a bit of a hypocrate.


Kate Hudson looks AMAZING!!! She definitely wins in my books!! Very classy dress!! I like Jennifer too, she seems like a sweet women, but this dress looks a little trashy, she is literally showing off her va jj!!


jennier aniston wins hands by a long shot...shes dressed for the occasion and still looks sexy, kate hudson is wearing a white Marchesa strapless gown, this gown was part of marchesa bridal collection back in October, she is wearing a wedding dress to the golden globes!..go figure! has this woman really lost the plot, yah wonder now why arods disappeared! all so desparate, i have no sympathy!


oh so taken from a wrong angle. Jenny, wish you the best that you really deserve..great girl that's what you are and you don't need a man t define who you are..Brad who? that's so ages ago. he no longer even has the look nor the appeal..sincere advice to him..quit botox and age naturally, then do your charities without making em front liners..Jenny is a strong support for breast cancer and other causes but you will never see her donations on the pages of any newspaper. the beneficiaries and God know and that is all that should count.


Jenn looked great, although this pic is not the most flattering. Does anyone remember AJ wearing a "slit to there" dress (I think in Cannes). Her skinny legs made her look like a child playing dress up but I think Jennifer really has the legs to pull this dress off. She always looks amazing and I really hope she finds someone amazing to share her life with and have a family with.


there were other great pictures of jennifer aniston up, why did you guys have to pick this one? her dress looked really nice and she could pull off that dress very well. this was just from a bad angle


Molly - get over your jealousy of Jen. You know absolutely nothing about her. And learn the English language if you are going to post on the internet. You think and write like an uneducated fool.


To guest, wtf are you talking about? I leave one comment and you're all up in arms. Oh i get it, because im not kneeling at JA's alter and dont agree with YOU, i have to be school age? That makes perfect sense, lol. Its my opinion and im entitled just as you are. If you cant deal with people that have opinions and that dont agree with you, you're in for a looooong rough life. Just for that....Team Jolie! You must be going into a frenzy with that one, lmao!


oh yeah and im sure she does not sit around and think about helping people too but about... so how many guy she has been hooked up after Brad? Was anyone of them really wanted to be with her like how Brad wants to be with Angie? Or all of them just wanted to play with her flabby flower? sometimes i really feel pitiful for her.