Sources: Angelina Jolie in "Jealous Rage" Over Jennifer Aniston; Brad Pitt Attacked!

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That's about all we can say after reading a pair of tabloid covers featuring Angelina Jolie this week. Like clockwork, the Brad-Angelina-Jen gossip carousel keeps on turning, growing ever more scandalous (and hard to believe) by the week!

Justin Theroux With Jennifer Aniston

Today, two separate publications are alleging ridiculous Brangelina showdowns, the hilarious likes of which have been reported many times before:

  • Angelina Jolie recently "erupted on set" at Brad Pitt after discovering an "intimate gift" from Jennifer Aniston at their hotel, claims In Touch.
  • After his apparent cheating confession, Angelina violently attacked Brad, who sustained a bloody nose, according to the National Enquirer.

We know she said she'd kick his ass recently, but wow ...

Man oh man, Angelina Jolie has really flown off the handle at Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston this time. The previous seven weeks had nothing on this meltdown!

Who would have guessed Angie would be so upset, given that she herself was cheating on Brad last week. At least that's what we read in the tabloids.

Also, how classic are the Enquirer cover pics? That could be anyone's hand, and the bloody nose shot of Brad may or may not be from this century.

Quit mailing 'em in like this, guys. You can't find one current photo of scruffy Brad for your made-up stories? You gotta try a little harder than that.


i love jen and she has definitely ttl gotten over brad
i mean lets face it brad is a depressed grandpa now while she is still beautiful. anjelina and brad hav got 6 kids and jen is thinking of marrying justin theroux and starting a family :)GET OVER IT!!


angelina is a skanky dirty whore how could brad stoop so low? and how could jennifer ever think about wanting him back after brad touched that skanky nasty wallerd out whore. she is a sorry mother who dresses her kids like welfare cases and HELLO shiloh is a GIRL!!!!!!!!! and i wish JENNIFER all the happiness in the world and to never look back at that white trash she was married to or the dumpster he fell in!!


I think Brad is a cheater, Angelina ia an all around phony skank, and I hope they remain together a very long time. They deserve each other.


Angelina Jolie DID NOT break up Brad and Jen's marriage. Hello people, it takes two to tango. Brad has as much responsibility as Angelina does for their actions. Also, if they are happier together then they should be together. Obviously, Brad has stronger feelings for Angelina not Jen. I am happy for them and I hope Jen finds a man that loves her as much as Brad loves Angelina. Also, tabloids have a tendency to overemphasize or lie about information, so I really do not believe that Angelina committed those actions.


I beleive Brad and Jennifer made a better couple. Brad always was happy. Jennifer was real she and Brad always was perfect together. Brad and Jennifer made a comment in front of GOD. Brad needs to remember what he had and how happy he and Jen were together. Jen would make a fine MOTHER to Shiloh, Knox and Viv. Jennifer deserves that in her life. Brad and Jennifer were the golden couple. Angelina with her ways end that beautiful marriage. In GOD'S eyes Brad and Jen are still married.


angelina is beautifull! aniston is awsome .. Brad is a stupid man just like the rest of them and probably shouldnt have been playing with their hearts and jumping into another relationship when his marriage had not ended , lets not blame it on the ladies .. I love them both ! but Brad on the other hand needs to get a grip on reality and think about what he is getting into before he does anything , he now has like 15 kids, a crazy woman who is consumed by her own jelousy and a woman with a broken heart who is running herself in circles over what happened.. he doesnt deserve either of them , they are better than he .. and soon they will realize it .. i hope..


Angelina didnt mind destroying there marriage and getting her claws into Jens Husband at the time so now that the same exact thing is happening to her that she done to jen she wants to go all crazy??!! What goes around comes around! Karma sure is a bitch!




OMG, you got the roles exactly! GOOD JOB!


BRAD- dummy who left a wonderful girl(aniston) to persue a
relationship with an homewrecker! JENNIFER- the innocent one who is too good for the cheating ex
but is confused about her relationship with the ex. ANGIE- the homewrecking, boney looking, back stabbing, jealous new wife of Brad whos had more one nighters than china has people!

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