Jay Leno Plays the Victim, Admits to Lying, Sucks as a Human Being

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We always knew Jay Leno wasn't funny. But who knew he was such a whining, lying manipulator?

Days after Conan O'Brien officially left NBC, and Leno reclaimed The Tonight Show hosting gig, Jay appeared with Oprah Winfrey to try and rehabilitate his image. It's safe to say he failed... miserably.

In a series of responses, - each more damaging than the previous one - Leno said he hasn't spoken to O'Brien; admits to lying to viewers a few years ago; and acts as though he's somehow the victim in this late-night mess. A few excerpts:

On being replaced by O'Brien: "It broke my heart, it really did. I was devastated."

On telling viewers in 2004 than he was going to retire: "I told a little white lie on the air. It made it easier that way."

On the new program's failure: "The show failed because it was basically doing a late-night talk show at 10 o'clock. I was given enough time. I got fired this time because my show did not perform." (THG note: you did not get fired, Jay. You got promoted! Conan got fired.)

On accepting a 10 p.m. time slot to save jobs at his show: "You say to the 170 people who work here, ‘Listen, I don’t want to get my reputation ruined, I don’t want anyone talking bad about me. I’ve got enough money. You people can all fend for yourself." (What about the hundreds of jobs that were lost at the 10 p.m. scripted shows NBC canceled to set you up, Jay?)

On Jimmy Kimmel's skewering of him: "I got sucker-punched... I walked into it. [But] you don't whine and complain." (Until now, apparently.)

On Conan's cancellation: "It all comes down to numbers in show business. If the numbers had been there, this wouldn't have happened." (No way your terrible showing as a lead-in played a role, right Jay?)

Leno concluded the interview by saying he hopes Conan gets a new job as a competitor and "the best man wins."

Sorry, Jay, but future ratings (as a result of viewers that appreciate a lack of wit and creativity) does not make one a good man. Showing class and an ounce of humility would have done the job, but it's too late for that.


I like jay, his jokes are smart and funny. Why you people keep on blaming him?


jay leno has always been horrible at everything he does.


Leno is a scumbag.


I can't believe how many people are actually blaming Jay for Conan's failure. If Conan had the ratings, Jay's show would have been cancelled and that would have been the end of it. Jay's show wasn't working and neither was Conan's, so NBC decided to 'right a wrong' in their mind. They did it very poorly, but don't blame Jay. As far as Conan, for all his complaining, he made out extremely well. He got paid for work he didn't do, and he gets he's free to go to another network. This mess was created by NBC, not Jay.


Letterman is FUNNY! He is creepy in his personal life as he said himself but he still Funny! Leno needs to say Good Bye and Good night he came off badly in the intreview with Oprah......


Leno IS a true STAND UP Commedian, and needs no illusions or delirium to hide behind(conan, Letterman, sometimes Kimmel). The Hollywood Gossip...Reporting, or simply carelessly taking sides? LOL!!! This article claims Leno Should have had "Class and an ounce of humility." Geez, so, where is yours Hollywood Gussip? LOL...Plus, everything Leno stated was spoken within reason, logic, something this site simply shows as never knowing what it means. Leno is the winner. David, Jimmy and Conan are the "Whining" ones...Kind of odd, since Leno and Furgeson have always been my favs, and are the real funny ones.


Yeah for Jay! I kept forgetting to watch him at 10pm...so I'm super glad he's coming back. Could never wonder why he announced his retirement 5 yrs ago and then show up a few months after he retired??? Didn't make sense, now it does. Conan should be the one feeling a little guilty for bumping Jay out the door if that's what actually happened 5 yrs ago. I like Jay and Conan, but they are entirely different comics. Dave now?? he's another story...if you like his 'smut' and 'egotistical attitude' all the time, guess you like him and his show the best! To each his own..hope Jay ends up #1 again and shows them all!


It's funny how some people in this country just thrive on the 'BORING' blame game, I guess that's what makes America "tick", without it life would be useless. The only victim in this game is NBC, they made themselves a victim. What they should've done is leave the schedule the way it was. And 'FIX' the mess NBC started themselves, and need to quit pointing fingers everywhere elseis the only one responsible for all the mess.


Conan is corny when it comes to his jokes, segments, skits, Andy Ricther & Max Wineberg


Jay Leno WHO? Don't miss him at all!!!!! Love Conan!!! Why should Jay get the show back after not wanting it anymore. - S.L.


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