Katrina Darrell: American Idol Bikini Babe

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Katrina Darrell didn't possess the best voice of all American Idol hopefuls on last night's season eight premiere.

But the bikini-clad model did leave the best impression... on Simon Cowell and numerous male viewers at least.

"I came dressed in my bathing suit to American idol because, first of all, I figured it would set me apart from the crowd, and secondly because I heard it was a crazy audition process and I figured, well, at least I'll have a tan," Darrell said, as Fox cut to a shot of the contestant lounging poolside.

Darrell also made no secret of her desire to make out with Ryan Seacrest, who replied that a game of tonsil hockey was likely against show rules, but "the thought of it is something I'm going to hang on to."

Bikini Girl

What do you think of Katrina Darrell's bikini-based audition?


Katrina has serious drug and abuse issues that are going to errupt quickly. She won't mention me to the public, I know too much. She is a damaged person, and is lying about most things that she says she is. This "show" is attention getting, but I'm glad the public doesn't accociate me with her. When she again for the ?? time ends up drunken and drugged out on marijuana and cocaine; till she drives 100 miles an hour home from a Hollywood club;That's sexy? I guess the drug diet works for some people... Doen't American Idol want people who are at least sober to "Idolize"?


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Bikini Girl
Katrina Darrell is gonna enjoy her 15 minutes of fame. This part-time model auditioned for season eight of American Idol... in a bikini!... More »
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